Monday, May 23, 2016

Some of our activities this week! where I am hugging this cute little boy is call Purys its the most amazing barrio/neighborhood EVER!!! LOVE YOU!

Monday, May 9, 2016

Mother's Day

Hello everyone! I cannot believe this week FLEW BY! It´s another transfer and................................................................................................................................................. I`M STAYING IN TRÊS RIOS!!!!!!!
I´m soo happy! I´m staying here with Sister Tamblay! We are soo excited and I can´t believe it! This month Sister Tamblay turns 20 and it makes me feel so old..haha this week was definitely one to remember! We are working with soo many wonderful people! Do you remember Claudio the man we found last week!? Well this week we have been working soo much with him! He truly has a desire to change and be a better person. This week we talked and ran into soo many of his family members and alot of them started saying negatives about him. It made me think..lot´s of tiem we have family members who we think..ohh they don´t want to or we already tried or your waisting your time. It broke my and my comapnions heart..but We saw tons of miracles as his family began to have a change in their hearts and try to help him with us! On Sunday we had a meeting with the new branch presidency and we got out of the meeting 840 and sunday school starts 9. A member and I drove to his house to pick him up and he wasn´t there. My heart broke because I thought no way..he was so solid on coming to church and I just wanted to cry..(in a good way)..When I and the member (marilia..she´s amazing) got to church we saw that He was already THERE!!!!!!! IT WAS A HUGE MIRACLE! Everyone at church hugged and complimented him. Our heart was filled with joy because not only was Heavenly Father looking out for Him, but also us. He´s so excited to be able to come to church and be able to feel go´s love through the book Of mormon! It was soo sweet to talk to my family yesterday! It was unbelieveable! I´m so grateful for my mom! BEcuase of Her permission I was able to be baptized 6 years ago. I don´t know where I would be without her, or the gospel of Jesus Christ. I know Christ lives , I know Heavenly Father loves us! He loves us so much he sent us here with the mother´s that He knew WE needed and that would help us through this journey! I feel so much like Nephi..Having been born of goodly parents! I hope each of us this week can find an extra time to invite a family member that´s not a member or inactive to activities and love them back into the church(:

I love you all soo much! thank you for the prayers and love!!

Have a great week! 
Sister Trejo

Monday, May 2, 2016



HELLO EVERYONE!!(: First of all Feliz dia das Mãe´s para tudo mundo! happy Mother´s day!! I want to thank each and every single mother! i know the world would be no where with out all of you! This week was a mircle! There was about three days with NO SUN and wind..It definitely reminded me of Kansas!(: This week was definitely a week of miracles! I feel so happy and lucky to be serving in a ward where EVERYONE wants to help with missionary work! This week we were able to go out with a member named Sister Betty! She is wondeful! We had an opportunity to have a family home evening at her house and have tons of investigators feel of her love and concern for them! Sunday at church was definintely a blessing!

I love the gospel. I love Christ! I know he does make us whole

Sister Trejo