Monday, June 27, 2016

Viva Israel, Hurrah for Israel

Thank you soo much for your emails and prayers. I can say I can TRULY feel them. Your prayers are what help me go up and down these hills and mountains! I´m now serving in São Lorenço! It´s a beautiful city about the same inhavitents of Garden. There are tons and tons of people here. I´m currently serving in a small branch of 40-50 people. It´s definitely different then my last area, but the members are so AMAZING. I love them so much! My companion is Sister Jacques from Rio Grande do Sul. She´s from way dow south. She´s so great! I´m teaching her english and she´s teaching me portuguese! She´s so great!
Thank you soo much for thinking of me on my birthday. I can´t believe i´m 22..( I don´t know about you, but i´m feeling 22) It was a great day full of meeting new people. Sorry I didn´t send any pictures, but I will next week!
This week was full of change and it was great! This is President Cascardi´s last week he goes home Wednesday. It´s so sad, but we are excited for his new adventures! 
something he always talked about is how we can alwways recieve a remission of our sins, as we repent, and take of the sacrament!
I loved that!!!
I know that´s true!
I lov eyou all so much! sorry time is short!!
have a great

Monday, June 20, 2016

Short and Sweet

I can´t believe it! What a wonderful journey and privilage to have served here in Tres Rios, sorry this email is going to be short too and no pitures. My heart hurts just thiking about taking pictures with everyone. I truly love and lvoed it here. I know this is the Lord´s vineyard. I know this is the Lord´s work. I know the Book of Mormon changes lives. What a privilage to be a part of such a wonderful work and to see the lives of soo many of our brothers and sisters change as they read and pray about the Book of Mormon. I know as we read this sacred book each and everyday we will be uplifted and edified. We will want to be apart of the truth!

I love the gospel! I love you all!! Thank uyou for the prayers!!

love love,

Sister Trejo

Sunday, June 19, 2016

It's like winter in June

Hello friends and family! I love you all soo much, first of all! This week was truly amazing and wonderful! I will try my best to describe it! Last Monday my companion and I went to one of our Sister in the ward´s house to make some sort of a pastry, but instead of being sweet it was salty. That´s the way it was suppose to be(: We had so much fun making it! The sister´s name Is Maria Angela(: we are teaching her granddaughter Maria Eduarda! She is 11 years old, but is very mature. After that Monday night we had FHE at Irmã Alessandra and Leandro´s house! It was amazing. We invited Yago, our recent convert and his two brothers. We also invited Rosi and Guilherme ( we are currently teaching them. Guilherme is way more receptive, but we are praying for Rosi´s heart to be soften) It was such an awesome night and Irmã Alessandra and Rosi really got to know and make a friendship! Tuesday we drove to Petropolis for a zone meeting with the mission President! It´s his last zone meeting because he leaves the 29th. It was the most AMAZING, SPIRITUAL meeting ever. He talked a lot about our purpose to strengthen families and find and teach families so one day they can be sealed. It reminded me a lot of the Garcia family. 
It was such a sacred day!
I don´t have tons of time, but this week we saw tons of miracles with Rosi, Guilherme and Maria Eduarda! I know Heavenly Father is incharge of this work. I know that this is where i´´m suppose to be! Yago passed the sacrament this Sunday! How proud we are of him. I know Heavenly father is even more proud to have one more misionary some day serve him!

Thank you soo much for your love and prayers!!!

I´ll write longer and better next week!

Have an amazing week!

Alma 29

Zone Conference

We had zone conference in Petropolis,RJ
It´s soo cold! I never thought I would say that in June! It´s winter now and I´m definitely feeling it! I thought about it the other day and when I left the US, it was the end of summer and then I got here and it was summer. I had a total of 9 months of hot weather. The winter is a blessing(:

Sister Trejo

Monday, June 13, 2016

miracle! Yago recieved the priesthood and loves seminary! He already memorized 3 scripture mastery!!! I saw a monkey and was trying to cathch him..(: I love the gospel! I´ll write more detailed next week! I love you all!!!