Monday, June 27, 2016

Viva Israel, Hurrah for Israel

Thank you soo much for your emails and prayers. I can say I can TRULY feel them. Your prayers are what help me go up and down these hills and mountains! I´m now serving in São Lorenço! It´s a beautiful city about the same inhavitents of Garden. There are tons and tons of people here. I´m currently serving in a small branch of 40-50 people. It´s definitely different then my last area, but the members are so AMAZING. I love them so much! My companion is Sister Jacques from Rio Grande do Sul. She´s from way dow south. She´s so great! I´m teaching her english and she´s teaching me portuguese! She´s so great!
Thank you soo much for thinking of me on my birthday. I can´t believe i´m 22..( I don´t know about you, but i´m feeling 22) It was a great day full of meeting new people. Sorry I didn´t send any pictures, but I will next week!
This week was full of change and it was great! This is President Cascardi´s last week he goes home Wednesday. It´s so sad, but we are excited for his new adventures! 
something he always talked about is how we can alwways recieve a remission of our sins, as we repent, and take of the sacrament!
I loved that!!!
I know that´s true!
I lov eyou all so much! sorry time is short!!
have a great

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