Sunday, June 19, 2016

It's like winter in June

Hello friends and family! I love you all soo much, first of all! This week was truly amazing and wonderful! I will try my best to describe it! Last Monday my companion and I went to one of our Sister in the ward´s house to make some sort of a pastry, but instead of being sweet it was salty. That´s the way it was suppose to be(: We had so much fun making it! The sister´s name Is Maria Angela(: we are teaching her granddaughter Maria Eduarda! She is 11 years old, but is very mature. After that Monday night we had FHE at Irmã Alessandra and Leandro´s house! It was amazing. We invited Yago, our recent convert and his two brothers. We also invited Rosi and Guilherme ( we are currently teaching them. Guilherme is way more receptive, but we are praying for Rosi´s heart to be soften) It was such an awesome night and Irmã Alessandra and Rosi really got to know and make a friendship! Tuesday we drove to Petropolis for a zone meeting with the mission President! It´s his last zone meeting because he leaves the 29th. It was the most AMAZING, SPIRITUAL meeting ever. He talked a lot about our purpose to strengthen families and find and teach families so one day they can be sealed. It reminded me a lot of the Garcia family. 
It was such a sacred day!
I don´t have tons of time, but this week we saw tons of miracles with Rosi, Guilherme and Maria Eduarda! I know Heavenly Father is incharge of this work. I know that this is where i´´m suppose to be! Yago passed the sacrament this Sunday! How proud we are of him. I know Heavenly father is even more proud to have one more misionary some day serve him!

Thank you soo much for your love and prayers!!!

I´ll write longer and better next week!

Have an amazing week!

Alma 29

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