Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Christmas week

We had family home evening with the Tavares family! they are amazing! We looked at Christmas lights and talked to people on the streets about the church! It was soo great!

We had splits last week! this is Sister Montalvão from Cuiabá! She´s been out for 6 months and is so awesome!

I´m still discovering the area and so we ran into a river.(:

Mission photos

Best mission president in the THE WORLD!
President Lacerda and Sister Su'a and I

Apple and peanut butter!  thank you Sister Provost

We also did a service project in a type of nursing home in the city! One of our investigators voulenteers here weekly! It was soo fun to see, serve, sing and teach this elderly that usually get forgtten on the holidays.

Christmas Eve with the Tavares family

We had a Christmas party in Juiz de Fora Thursday!  It was way fun!  
Sister Overbay
Sister Salazar
Sister Sui'a and I :) 

So this is going to sound a little weird, but EMERGANCY TRANSFER! My companion recieved a call last night from the mission President, he told her she was getting transferred to Juiz de Fora. She left this morning and 725:(
it was really sad, I´ve only been here for 3 weeks and i don´t know very much. BUT I KNOW everything will be okay, because this is the Lord´s errand..and when we are in the Lord´s errand we CANNOT FAIL(:

Sister O´reilly has been out for 14 months! She´s from Conniticut and suupper sweet! We are both sister leaders and we are excited to work together!

There were tons of pictures taken and tons of food, but the most amazing part was the spirit we could all feel :) 

The picture with all the elders and Me and sister  Su'a are all the elders that are going home next transfer!  It's a huge group.  It's sooo sad!

Christmas Day at the Bishop's

Opening presents!

Garden City Ward ..Activity day girls.
Tahnk you so much sister Khulmann the Khulmann´s.

Merry Christmas

First of all I can´t believe that this year is ending. I can´t believe that it´s been a year. I can´t believe that it´s hot(:I can´t believe a lot of things.
One thing I can believe is that I know Christ lives. This past week I´pve been pondering a tons of what I have learned this past year. What I have applied into my life. I´ve come to the knowledge that we are all failures like Mosiah puts it (Mosiah 4:11-12) We are all depended on God and Christ for more happiness, success, joy. I know that this year has been tough on both countries, countries EVERYWHERE worldwide. Something I´ve come to know is that Only through Christ and his Restored church can we find Peace and Faith, hope.
Everyone I love Christ, I know He is our big brother, and I know HE KNOWS each and everysingle one of us. I hope that this Christmas this New year we can offer him our soul (Omni1:26) We can be more kind, more loving, more given in a world so cold and tormoiled. this year I´ve come to know that true lasting peace is found here in the teaching of the gospel of Jesus Christ, it is where we are safe.
I know miracles are real, I know they are brought by faith and obedience, hard work.(: I know that Jospeh Smith indeed see God the Father and Jesus Christ. I have NODOUBT.
Thank you so much for all your prayers and love. Thank you so much for being examples TO ME. I hope we can all continue in the path, enduring to the end with a steadfastness in Christ..the one who saves.

I love you!!!!

Happy new year!

Sister Trejo

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Burger King

WE ate burgerking in Juiz de Fora!(:

reminded me of home..haha(:

Not everyday sister Trejo

Council meeting

Council meeting with all the sisters in Juiz de Fora!
Sister Gadberry
Sister Prado
Sister Kehl
Sister Maxwell
Sister Su´a
Sister Trejo
Sister Oliveira
Sister O´reilly

Elder braga and Elder bazzo Siter Su á and i!(:

Selfie with some of the elders in our zone!(:

New Zone! Volta Redonda!

My new zone! Volta Redonda!
Me and Santa July(:
Sister Su´a and I..coming home 929.we are OBEDIENT! We literally ran for 5 minutes to get home on time(:

funny pic

Last day in Varginha

My last pday in Varginha we had lunhc with a member and she bought  us 10 litros..i don´t know how to convert that into  gallons, but of açai ice cream! I t was amazing!

Sister Su´a and  I really happy to be togethter!

Sister Gadberry and I playing some ball(:

sister TRejo


We went shopping in Varginha just to take photos
Sister Gadberry
Sister Tamblay
Sister Amaral


Christmas trees and lights were so sweet!