Monday, November 21, 2016

Miracle Week(:

Mauricio´s baptism the most emotional  baptism of my life! I love this convert soo much! Such an example of faith!
Elder Jarede baptized him! #mexicans(:

Photos :)

This is Zeus too.  He's Maruicios dog.  He's the NICEST german shepherd EVER!(:


Elder Jarede and Elder Goncalves with a  chuky mask #elders

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Here are some more pictures for this week!
Goofy pictures with some of the elders here!

Elder ricks (AZ)
Elder Gonsalves from (Baiha-BR)
Elder Aricari (Peru)
Sister Tamblay Chile
Sister Gadberry (AZ)

Sister Amaral and I waiting for these mango´s to get ripe. Mango in portuguese is MANGA..haha so funny(:

I love the Nature of Brasil!(:

This week was interesting

My companion got sick a little bit and so i stayed in tri most of the week!

Sister Gadberry
sister Tamblay

This week was also full of tons of rain!(:
Sister Amaral got much better! Don´t worry she just got a stomach bug(:


 We went out with an amazing member Stefany!  She's a recent convert from the other branch!  She's amazing!
Jersiela and I at church Sunday

14 months!!

When I found out that Trump was elected, we still have to be happy! (:

Monday, November 7, 2016

Day of the Dead

My second one on the mission! It was great! Sister Amaral my comp and Sister Tamblay! my trainee! reunited again!

visiting Juiz de Fora

The first picture is of a fhe in juiz de fora last monday when we traveled foi leadership counsil. sister Nascimento (BR) Sister Cicsineros (Peru) Sister Salazar (Chile) ME!
Sister Gadberry and I walking and found this travel place in Juiz de fora that has a picture of the temple(: They probs thinks it´s a castle or an amusement park(:

love you all!

All these pictures are from day of the dead!

We spent all day in the cemetery Wednesday! It was so fun! We had one of my recent convert Jersiela come out with us! It was amazing! I loved it!

Elder Jarede (mexico)
Elder A Ribeiro(BR PA)
Elder Aricari (peru)
Elder Gonsalves (BR Bahia)
Sister Gadberry (AZ)
Sister Tamblay(CHILe)
Sister Amaral(BR PR)

We did division with Sister Overbay thrusday..Sister santos(:

Division with sister Overbay from Washington(: Jersiela! Recent convert! She´s so special! Love her!

in the rain with Sister Amaral. SUMMER here we go(:

Friday, November 4, 2016


I just love Jesus Christ. President Anderson of the twelve once said if we don´t know what to say to one of our friends, or talk of Christ. It is never enough, today I just wanted to bare my testimony of Him. I know He lives, I know He was born, I know He established his church, taught his doctrine and showed us the way we might find joy and be happy serving others and loosing our life for our friends.  I know that He died not only for our sins, but for our sorrows, pains tempations. I  know that He felt everything and bore everything before we ever did. I know He knows you, Uriel, Marisabel, Sister Provost, Kristen..He loves you soo much! I´m grateful for the restoration, I´m grateful that we can have the fullness of His gospel once again and worship him! 
He is truly the reason to rejoice! He is the reason for joy! I love being a missionary. I love this gospel!

Thank you so much for your support, love and prayers!

I´m praying for all of you too!

Sister Trejo