Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Merry Christmas!

Hello everyone!!! I hope everyone had a great Christmas! I hope everyone was with their family driking hot chocolate remembering Christ´s birth! 
This week was sooo GREAT! It was definitely a week that I won´t forget or a Christmas I won´t forget! On Tuesday we traveled to Juiz de Fora for a mission Christmas Conference! It was soo great! ( I´m actually in Juiz de Fora right now for splits with the STL´s and tomorrow we have Zone Conference) Juiz de fora it about two and a half hours away from Ubá not that far! We take a lovely bus!(; It was soo great to see everyone from the mission even though I hardly don´t know anyone! It was fun! We heard a lot of different speakers! I loved a certain speaker that talk a lot abou Recuing the members based of a talk that Thomas S Monson gave. It got me thinking of the role we as missionaries have in re-activating, but what a HUGE rule members also have maybe even more bigger than we as missionaries. I loved it! Every recent convert needs a calling, a friend in the gospel and to be nourished by the good word.
This week we saw so many miracles! One being talking with out families! I love my family and it was soo weird and strange and great! i felt like I never left! It felt like I was in the same room as them! I didn´t cry! and that was a big miracle! I know my purpose here on the mission and I know that this time is SHORT and preciouse!
I love this family and I hpe to tell you more about them next week! I know that this family was prepared by The Lord to receive the gospel! I know that it was nothing that I said or my companion said, but the spirit of God that touched them. They are serioulsy so strong and I can´t wait to see them grow in the gospel! Their baptism was perfect!(:
I hope that with the new year we can all reflect on what we can do better this year and our goals on what we would like to change! I love the counsel of President Dieter F Uchtdorf that the best time to plan a tree was 20 years ago! Change starts now! Change starts within us and our willingness to grow and  become the Sons and Daughters we are meant to be! I hope this eyar we can choose to change something or a habit we want to chang or gain!  I know God is our father and he loves us! He will help us reach our full potential and our goals! I know and I testify of that!! Have a great week everyone! Thank you for the prayers and love!

Love love,

Sister Trejo

Tuesday, December 22, 2015


Hello everyone! I hope everyone is enjoying winter vacation and hot chocolate! I was talking to my companion how I NEVER thought that I would be spending Christmas in 104 degree weather with sweat dripping out of every inch of my body. Now that I painted that nice image..haha Just kidding.Seriously though I rather be in this weather than in Idaho right now!(:
I wanted to share a special message or thought that I´ve been thiking about lately,especially with it being Christmas. This week has been a good week! It was full of a lot of events that lead to growth and learning. We have an investigator name Nivea! She´s soo great! She´s about 43 and has 3 kids.She´sbeen invistigating the chutch for 3 months and is waiting to get married and then baptized in January! One of Her kids is 15 and his name is Vitor. He has been giving her a hard time and feels like he´s getting worse and worse. She feeds us regurlarly like a MEMBER every Friday and we are noticing that she is getting depressed. So this morning I decided to study and this week about Christ and the Hope he gives us. In Preach my gospelit says Hope is a lasting belief that something good is going to happen. Hope is that we have hope and know that We are children of our Heavenly Father and through Christ and his sacrifice we can be cleansed and start over. Hope is that we can hope for a better life. I´m so excited to share this with her! Because we may not control what happens around us, or our spouse or Children or anything, but we do control have control over us. We cannot be discourage by life´s trial or difficulties. We must face them with faith and HOPE. Like stated in the Book of Mormon with the HOPE of one day we will rest from all our afflictions..(ALma 40)
Everyone, I know Christ lives! That he was born over two mellenia ago! That he established his church with a Prophet, his 12 apostles and authority of God. I know that because Christ was born that we have HOPE for a better life and Christ can make more out of our lives and life that we can! I hope and pray that we can all pray this week to be a little more grateful for a loving Heavenly Father that sent his son for us.

I love you alll! Thank you for the prayers and emails! MERRRY CHRISTMAS!

love love,

Sister Trejo

Monday, December 14, 2015

It's like Christmas in July

Hello eveyone! How is everyone doing? How is the SNOW? 

These last couple of weeks have been soo GREAT! We are working with a lot of great people and trying to find tons more! This weeks email we be short, so sorry I promise to send more news next week. This week we are so excited to our investigators Jaquelene and Thais and Marcos to be baptized!! We have of course a little oppositons, but they are surely staying strong! We helped them move only just a couple streets down on Saturday it was ton of fun and it was a good way to meet the rest of their family! Jaquelene has 8 kids! We only know 6 and are hoping to talk and teach the rest of them!
These last couple of weeks we´ve seen tons of miracles in contacting people on the street! and inviting everyone to watch the Christmas video that the church came out with! We had 2 investiagtors at church just for inviting them on the street and intiviting the to watch the video! 

I know that Christ lives! I´m grateful for his birth that give us all HOPE for change in our lives and in the future! I´m grateful for the bible and the Book of Mormon which testified of his birth! I invite everyone to that video in social media and with EVERYONE you know!

Love love 

Sister Trejo

Thursday, December 3, 2015


HELLO EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!! How was everyones week? Is it snowing there yet? Everyone asks me about snow here, it´s great! AHH EVERYONE this week has been AMAZING!!!! AMAZING! My companion and I have seen so many miracles. This week we had the opportunity to do division with the Sister Training leaders and it was amazing! I was with Sister Dickerson! She is from Utah and is AMAZING! She´s been out a year and speaks amazingly. The sisters came down on Monday night and slept here until Tuesday. Sister Dickerson worked and planned together on Tuesday. We went to visit Claudia an investigator of ours that we are teaching and Sister Dickerson has taught her in the past. We read The Book of Mormon with her and taught her about the importance of reading and praying, also living the word of wisdom so we can be alert of the promptings that the Holy ghost is giving us! She excepted to try to quit smoking and drinking coffee and is on DATE!! She´soo great! My companion and Sister Dominguez went and taught another family that same day! They are so GREAT Their names are Lindomar, Zenir and Rafaela! They are so sweet and Zenir the wife is super excited about the church. She says she needs something to teach her family that is growing.They also have a teenage daughter that is 13 and is stuggling, ya know teenangers. They taught the restoration and excepted baptism!!!!!!! AH! They are seriously golden! On Wednesday we had family home evening with a not so less active family anymore! Their names are Debora e Ediclis and their two daughters! We taught about eternal families! Debora is soo great and she´s been a member for a little less than a year, when we got here we saw that she was in the less active list and called her and invited her to church and she came! She´s been coming with her daughters for 3 weeks!!!!!! and now we need to bring her husband along! They are such a great family! THURSDAY!! Was such a great day too! We worked to find new people to teach and try to find Jeslene, the lady i wrote about last week, we haven´t been able to talk to her, but we know everything is going to work out! We also have a family in the ward well a young couple actually their names are Aline and Andrew! Aline is brasileira and Andrew is American! They invited us over for dinner at their house to celebrate THANKSGIVING!!! Aline and Andrew met when she went to the USA to do a exchange student transfer, she met the church and Andrew and got married. They live in Brasil for now, but are going back to the USA in February! THEY ARE AWESOME.They cooked STUFFING FOR ME..it was definitely a tender mercy.. and Pumpkin pie. He said he brought a can of puree with him from the USA.haha.The brasilians were asking tons of wquestions about the types of things we do for thanksgiving. because it´s me and another elder that´s from Utah serving in the ward! It was great! On Friday we worked hard to invite EVERYONE to a baptism that the Elders had of TWO amazing womens! Their baptism was on SAtuday and all of us sang while an elder played the flute. So saturday night we met this lady sitting alone in a bench. We asked what she was doing there all alone and she said she was just being alone and sad.. My companion and I sat by her and asked her a few questions. Her name was Marlir, we taught her that God loves us and that when we are sad he can help us to get over whatever we are sad about. Christ knows how we feel and because he knows how we feel we can find comfort in knowing everything will be okay. We were in the middle of teaching ther restoration when.. ALL the lights in the street went out. It was pitch balck and My companion and I were like..we have to head home.. soe we invited Marlir to church and headed home. We were a little worried about her because she is tiny tiny! Sunday was AMAZING.. I love sundays! So Lindomar and his family went to church and they loved it!!! It was amazing! We were so happy the they did! Church is always the best day of the week and the most intense.. Making sure your investigators have an awesome spiritual experience! We were so happy that they were there and also Daniel! We were in the middle of sacrament when i noticed that MARLIR WAS SITTING BEHIND ME! The little lady that we had made a street contact with! AHH SHE STAYED FROM ALL THREE HOURS OF CHURCH and was soo great. My companion and I were so excited! When church was over we asked Marlir if we coiuld visit her and she said..No. We were both devistated and she said she knew were the church was and would come again. I know that there is a reason for that, and that we will she MArlir if it´s meant to be.. and we won´t try to stalk her. Because we really wanted too (sister provost you can delete that part of stalking her if you think it´s inappropriate haha)..Sunday night we taught TWO AMAZING women names Jaquelene and Taiz! They are soo speacial! They´ve came to church twice and were the elders investigators, but Jaquelene is going through a divorce and asked if WE could visit her (Sister power) They are SOO READY for baptism and are amazing people they´re on date for the 13th! along with Daniel and Lindomar´s family!
EVERYONE, I´ve seen so many tender mercies, every day! It´s amazing how Christ´s gospel can change someone. It´s amazing to see that in a new country and in a new language. My portuguese is coming along, i´m not fluent, but people can understand even if i can´t speak well enought, because the spirit testifies to them. Sunday night my companion taught me about charity when we were running home because it was pouring rain and she saw a women under a tree. We stopped and talked to her and said her husband was on his way. My companion gave her HER umbrella and I was like Wow. So I gave my companion mine and ran away..haha We were really close to home, but either way my companion is amazing. I love Brazil and the hills and the mountains that when I go up them I feel like im climbing mount Everest. Thank you for the prayers, I can feel them! I love you all! Have a great week! Pray for my investigators please, they need to feel your love too!!
Love love,
Sister Trejo

Monday, November 23, 2015

Chuva Chuva Chuva!!!

Hello Everyone!!!!!!! How is everyone? Enjoying the wonderful cold weather? Something I get asked a lot is if I have ever seen snow, and i´m like YES.. Have you? Then I think.. It never snows in Brazil.:(..Tornado drill in November as well?! I hope everyone is fine!! This week has been a great great week! We had four days of straight POURING RAIN. It was a tender mercy! This week we have found tons of great amazing people! It was one of these days that My companion and I were walking trying to find a person´s address we had contacted when we looked up and saw that the clouds were getting intense. My companion stopped and asked a woman that was standing outside her house for some direction. We also asked if we could share a message with her. She excepted and let us in her house! We were talking and getting to know her and her family. Her name is Aparecida and her daughter Bruna and her grandma Vera. While we were talking not 10 after we came in her house it poured and thundered soo hard! We knew Heavenly Father was definitely looking out for us. Bruna also accepted to come to church with us! So that was way awesome! We also have been teaching a boy named Daniel, I think i mentioned him last week, but he´s so awesome! He´s like golden! He´s praying and reading and has a date for baptism! Except he didn´t come to church this Sunday because his step mom was sick in the hospital:( and he was with her the whole weekend. When we told him his date had to be moved to the 12 of December instead of the 7 he was like ``NO WAY´´ I´m getting baptized the 7th.. uhh.. Daniel! Love him! We are also teaching this amazing lady named Jislene! She´s so great, seriously! We found her as a refferal from her mother who we were teaching. She´s reading and praying and says she loves what she reads! We got up early Sunday to go to her house to walk with her to church and she had left a note that said her daughter was sick in a near by town and had to go to her:( Our hearts dropped because Jislene seriously is awesome! But we understood! 
Sunday we also had a family home evening in a Recent Converts house and was awesome! My companion and I taught and I was a little nervous speaking Portuguese in front of soo many natives, but it went really well AND we got a new investigator named Regani! 
Funny things that happened this week was also that people asked me if I was from JAPAN?:!?!?!!?!?!?!!?!?!? Haha So strange.
I love this work, and I love the people of Ubá! They are seriously amazing! I´m grateful for everything that I learn with them! I know that this is Christs work! and everything i´m doing here is for Christ. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving week! and I invite all of you to COUNT your blessings!(:


Sister Trejo 

Tuesday, November 17, 2015


Hello everyone! I have so much to say and so little time! This week has been intense! These last 2 weeks my companion and I have been trying to seek out the elect! We are working with such amazing young people! First Daniel! He´s so awesome! He is 15 and lives with his Dad and step mom! We met him at an amazing member´s house. Irmã Elia! She has 4 kids and they´re all members andwere baptized February of this year! He´s so awesome and super receptive in all that we taught him. He accepted to come to church with us and I thought to my self WOW.. no questions, no complains that church is early, no hesistant to be baptzed, when Sunday came he didn´t show:( It was definitely heart breaking. Sister Elias daughters went and tried to find him, but he went out. We visted with him later that evening and he said his Dad called him to go shopping. We testified that when we choose to make good choices like going to church, there will always be opposition! We are also teaching this family!!! They are amazing Christans! There names are mom Jisleni and daughters, Maria Clara and Lara. They are SOO AMAZING! The whole time we were teaching the restoration they´re eyes were filled with light.They all excepted to read and pray about the Book Of Mormon.We are also teaching an amazing women named Claudia! I think i mentioned her last week! She wants to change so much, but doesn´t know where to start my companion and I are going to visit her this today and share word of wisdom and Faith in Christ! 
These last two week have been intense to get people to church. I´m definitely trying my best to testify to them that Sunday´s are a special day we show God we love him by going to church! Sorry this email is soo short, i promise to write more next week! Just know that Christ lives! That this is his work and I´m trying my best to be diligent in seeking out the people that are ready to hear the gospel! A miracle that i saw this week was when all the people i talked to couldn´t understand my portuguese, finally at the end of the day i was going to give up and stop talking and let my comp do the talking when two different people told me they could understand me PERFECTLY. I know the gift of tongues is real and the Lord works though weak! MIRACLE! Pray for Daniel and my recent conver Rosa!

Thanks for the prayers! I love you all!

love Sister Trejo 

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Dia De Finados!

Hello everyone! So this week I can´t even describe! It´s been a great week of work and miracles! I hope everyone had a great Halloween! I didn´t miss it as much that I thought I was going to! SO that´s great! This week we´ve been working hard to find the elect! For example Shinily! She is a 43 year old women that we´ve been workung with she had 3 sons and lives with her boyfriend. She lives on top of a BIG hill. When I know that we are visiting her that day, I don´t eat much.haha but seriously. She´s super kind and reads what we leave her, but she doesn´t come to church! It´s so sad. She had a son that is 9 years old! (reminds me of my primary class!) He´s name is Wallace , we we´re reading one day out of the book of Mormon and I notuced that he kept looking at me as I read, He finally wispered to his mom and then Shinily asked..My son wants to know why you read weird..haha Then i told him I was from the USA. and he asked tons of question about Halloween..haha He´s so sweet. Shinily is an amaazing person and I hope that my companion and I can help her to see the importance of coming to church and getting married, because right now she doesn´t want to get married. So prayers for her! We are also teaching a Sister of a Sister in the ward! Her name is Iliani! I LOVE HER! She´s super kind and sweet. She also lives on a big hill. When we went to her house we sat down and started to get to know her, she talked about how she has been a little down an depressed. We asked her why, but she couldn´t eally describe. She is also living with her boyfriend which is like 10 years older than her. We taught her that we have a loving Heavenly Father and that He loves us and knows us better than we know ourselves. We talked about Christ and how because of his sufferings in the Garden he knows how to help us! I felt like through out the lesson she was filling a little better, but then she would just kind of fall back and forth. I knew there wasn something she wasn´t telling us, but I kept praying she would feel the spirit. We invited to come to church and to pray about the things we taught her. This week we also were walking looking for an address and we ran into a lady named Claudia! She invited us in and then she told us she had already been taught by missionaries! She said they got transferred and no one ever came back! WE ARE HERE..(: We taught her the restoration and asked her if she would pray about these things. She then expressed how intense her life is, but that she knows that God does listen to her prayers. She expressed that things don´t always go right, but that God does listen. My eyes started to water because I DO KNOW God listens to our prayers, we testified that he doens´t just listen, but he answers.She´s on date for the 15! We also taught this amazing girl name VAnessa! She´s 15 years old and lives with her mom only. she said she doesn´t go to church ever, we taught her the restoration and she´s also on date for the 15! 
FInally Sunday came and my companion and I woke up at 630 got ready left our house at 735 to walk with Vanessa our super elect investigator and she wans´t home. I have to say I experience my first missionary heartbreak. We walked a total of an hour to find and bring her to church. My heart definitely dropped. We got to church and we had plan and invited 10 people to church and NO ONE was there.. the whole sacrament meeting I sat and pondered what we had done wrong and what we could do to be better and do better things..I felt comferted that my companion did all that WE could do and ut´s up to people to exercise their agency and choose to come. FINALLY! The readon that we had pday today and not yesterday was because yesterday was DIA DE FINADOS! Day of the dead! Our mission president said we had to be at the cemetary from 8am-6pm! Let´s say that we talk to everyone and anyone about the plan of salvation!!!! It was great! My companion was a little ansy because she doesn´t like cemetaries. But everything was great! The cemitaries here are interesting..look them up online! But A really amazing expirience was that we were searching for the elect inbetween these tombs and saw a lady and her saughter sitting my a grave. We went and sat next to them and started talking.. we approached people kind of like Hello! How are you? Who is this your visiting?They Then would say.. and then we would say We have a special message that because Christ ressurected we will too! This life is not the end. This lady said she was visiting her son, her 19 year old son that had died 9 days ago. She explained he was sick. My companion started sharing the gospel and talking about the plan of salvation. The lasy wasn´t crying or anything her daughter was. I thought to myself..I can´t imagine was she feels..or what my mom would feel..I started to feel maybe just maybe a glimpse of what she feels, but i couldnt. My eyes watered and my heat filled with the spirit I opened my mouth in the most broken portuguese EVER! and testified that We absolutely do not undestand how she feels, I dont speak portugues very well but I know that this message that we share is true Christ knows how you feel, he loves you and your family and your son. You will see him again. I know. We then sang her a hymn I knw my redeemer lives. 
This week has been a great one. Everytime i feel like i might be understading portuguese or feel like im close to being fluent. I make a street contact and i´m inturrupted by someone and they say  your not brazilian where are you from? I´ve gotten that i´m from Hawaii, Peru, Bolivia, someone asked me if i´m president Obama´s daughter?!?!!?!?!?!?!!?!? Haha..I definitely understand more than I speak.. I pray so hard before we teach someone that somehow they will feel the spirit through my portuguese.
That´s all I have for time for..Just know that there are amazing SAINTS here in Brazil. I love Ubá, it´s perfect for me! Pray for Iliani and Shinily, Claudi and Vanessa! Thank you for your prayers and love an support! Have a great week!

Com todo meu amor e coração,

Sister Trejo

A couple of pictures! thus little girls is a members! her name is Laura! reminds me of my cousins! Some mountain/hills! THE MOON! just outside my bedroom window!

Monday, October 26, 2015

First Area- Uba Brazil

Geography:  The city sits in a valley and has only 5% of its area flat, the rest being rugged. The altitude ranges from 295 meters to 875 meters.Climate: Ubá's climate can be classified as Tropical, with yearly average temperature between 18 and 31 °C (64 and 88 °F). The city is considered the warmest one in the Zona da Mata mesoregion, and the temperatures can reach over 40 °C between November and FebruaryPopluation: The estimated population of the city of Ubá was 99,708 in 2009

Week of miracles!

WOW! Words literaly cannot describe how I feel right now. This week was amazing! I didn´t have a Pday last week, So i´m sorry for those emails not replied..But know I love you all and I can feel your prayers! Monday of last week we had a long day of training! We got our itinarary and it was sad to say see you later to all of our district. My companion..Sister Brown..She´s so amazing and is an example of faith and courage! Tuesday we woke up at 430 and got ready and headed out! My companion left before I did and She left in a van full of missionaries going to her mission! I left in a bus with only 5 missionaries going to my mission. There was a Sister names Sister Pereira that was with me and helped me along the airport and everything with my luggage and with Portuguese. We flew out around 830 and got to Juiz de Fora at 945am! Juiz de Fora is amazing! It looks just like Utah! Kind of.. there are tons of mountains and hills! The mission President and his wife and the AP´s were waiting for us! By this time I was so in shocked that I had finally left the CTM, and I was actually meeting my mission President!!!!! We drove 30 minutes to the mission home from the airport. We drove in a van through felt like the amazon. Haha seriously. It was soo great! We go there and started orientation. We did tons of orientation we had lunch at their home which is gorgeous, I went up my first hill. Let´s just say there are TONS of hills here. That night we spent with tons of sisters! There was 12 sisters sleeping in one apartment! Three of us were from the USA, and the two that were from the states had brazilian accent! Ah! Okay.. SO on Wednesday we found out who are companions were! mine is Sister Trindade! She is from Brasilia a state in Brazil! SHE IS AMAZING AND I´M BLESSED to have her! She´s 29! She´s so great! and my area is a city calleld Ubá!!!!! Wednesday we spent most of the day traveling to our city which was 3 hours away from Juiz de Fora! Ubá is pretty big; There are six missionaries serving here us and 4 elders. That night when we got here we dropped out stuff off in our apartment and headed to a Sister house name Rosa. She is a investigator that was preparing to be baptized! She has been investigating for along time and finally excepted baptism! She quit drinking and smoking. She is amazing.. I don´t have much time..but let´s just say here in Ubá they don´t have much water..so we walked 45 minutes to a pool were she was baptized!! and then 45 minutes back! Rosa has SOOO MUCH FAITH!!!SO much. The saints here in Brazil have SO MUCH FAITH. They have so little physically, but there faith is strong like a rock.. They are willing to give SOO much of what they do have. This week I have defnitely been showen how to WORK HARD, how to forget about MY needs and just keep going. We walk everywhere up hills and in the amazing hot weather(: But I love it! Thursday of this week was a little intense for me, It was blazing hot and then 30 minutes later it started hailing and we ahd forgotten our umbrellas at home. I definitely used the atonement and I just smiled and kept walking.(: I know there are elect here in Ubá, everyday I see it, I see miracles. I´ve been here a week and I feel so much love for these people! I love Rosa and her faith, I love the my trainer, SHE IS WONDERFUL,and I love my savior Jesus Christ that reminds me we are not alone in this work! 
I invite everyone to pray this week for more gratitude and love! 

Thank you for all the prayers and love! My pday is next Tuesday! (: Have a great week!

Com tudo meu amore e meu coração
Sister Trejo

First area in Uba with trainer Sister Trindade. Baptism of Rosa

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Week 5

HELLO everyone!! I hope that you all had a great week! Sorry for the short email last week! P-day´s are always crazy here in the CTM! Well.. GUESS WHAT? It´s my last week here!!!! Wow! how time flies by soo quick! I just wanted to take the time to say how much I think about each and every single one of you that are in this email list. For example those that are helping or have helped me get here. Everyday i´m reminded why I´m here. Also, everyday i´m reminded that I´m not here for ME.. or for YOU.. (no offense) But I´m here for CHRIST because he is REAL, HE DOES LIE, he does change lives. Last Wednesday we got to go to them Campinas Temple! It´s one and half hours away from the CTM! It was gorgeous!! It reminded me alot of the Timp Temple! The celestial room was AMAZING and had a little bit of light purple in the windows! It was a tender mercy to attend the
temple! After that we emailed and got to go outside and look around ALOT. It was great!  Thursdays we teach our investigators which are actually instructors and people that work here in the CTM! We plan out lessons, work on the language and study for them! The CTM also has something called TALL.. and it´s a program made by the church to help missionaries everywhere with their language! It´s super amazing! You all are probably wondering how my Portuguese is! It´s going well!! I feel super insecure because I feel like i´m talking Spanish alot of the times, but alot of people tell me i´m speaking Portuguese not Spanish! So it makes me fell better! I can definitely understand everything everyone says to me, and sometimes I want to talk as fast as them and so that´s when i throw in my spanish. I´ve definitely seen the gift of tongues though! Friday marked ONE MONTH SINCE I´VE BEEN HERE! It was SOO GREAT! I´m not going to lie, I was missing home a bit that day. I was reading the Book Of Mormon that morning when I sense of peace came to me and let me know that I´m where i´m suppose to be! and that the Book of Mormon was a TRUE book written by people that had Faith in Jesus Christ! It was a sweet tender Mercy. SUNDAY: I love Sundays period! Each week we have to write a talk for sacrament! because we never know who´s speaking until they announce it over the pulpit! Since it´s our last 2 Sundays a lot of people from our district got called up! It was amazing! because our district know more Portuguese than they think! We also had an AMAZING GOSPEL DOCTRINE class with the President!  This week we´ve been talking alot about FAITH. TONS AND TONS OF FAITH! I think that was the most powerful
discussion I´ve been too! Discussion/class. We talk about Faith is the essence to EVERYTHING. Faith is things which are HOPED for which are TRUE. Usually this meeting is an open question/ answer meeting where
all the missionaries can participate! It was amazing! because I know that I´m here to STRENGTHEN peoples faith. Not faith in our church, but faith in THE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST. We must hope and believe that
Christ was a REAL person. That HE know YOU. When you are having a bad day, stub you toe, or loose someone important in your life. He´s felt that. He´s been there and back! Everyday I´m reminded why i´m here in
Brazil. This is DEFINITELY NOT A VACATION.. Cold showers, 20 minutes to get ready for the day, 8 hours of sleep..I´m here because Christ has helped me..Christ lives and the gospel of truth and happiness is
restored back on earth! The Book of Mormon testifies of that! In 5 days i leave to Juiz de Fora! My companion and I are the only one flying everyone else is driving to their mission..I´m so excited, but
I will definitely miss and treasure ALL the wonderful people that have taught me how to be like Christ. I don´t know when I´ll email again! Just know that I love you!! Thank you for the prayers and love! I can
feel them everyday! I invite you all to strengthen you faith on Christ this week! My faith in The book of Mormon was strengthen in how it can make any sad person happy! Com Muirto amor, Sister Trejo

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Week 4

Hello everyone!!!!!!! Sorry this weeks email will be short! but I just
wanted to share a couple of my experiences! Friday we had the
opportunity to go out in the real world and procylite! It was really
amazing! I saw the girt of tongues work in my life!! My companion and
I gave out 4 books of Mormon! It was hard becasuse the CTM took us to
a plaza were alot of people were shopping so you kind of had to be
like HEY! we have a message of happiness and truth! We met this
amazing coupld from Porto Alegre and he was Buddhist! They were
amazing! They were not intesrested, but we just testified that we have
seen the fruits of the gospel in our lives and we invites others to
come and see for themselves! Conference was alao this weekend!! Let me
tell you! EXSACTLY WHAT I NEEDED! I know that this is Christ´s
restored gospel! this is CHRIST CHURCH here on Earth! The people that
were called were called by God!!!!!! Time´s up! But i love everyone!
thank you for your prayers!!! GOD LIVES AND ANSWERS OUR PRAYERS!!!!!!
(Kneel in prayer if you doubt who you are- Rosemary Wixom) Muito amor
Sister Trejo

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

MTC- Brazil

Week 3

Hello! My beloved family and friends! I hope your week has been
wonderful! Can you believe it´s October tomorrow?! Where did the time
fly? There is this boy in my district (group) that wore a Christmas
tie yesteryday! That played music!! It was hilarious. This week has
been full of awesone uplifting experiences! Last Wednesday after
emailing, The sisters in my district and My companion went out again
to explore! We went to go buy stampss and run some errands! We went to
the post office and i guess they don´t sell them individually you have
to bring the item you are sending or in my case letter:( We then went
to a bakery! So in the CTM i feel like i understand a good amount of
portuguese, then i get put in situations like this and im like uhh..
People here in Brazil speak like 90mph. It is crazy! But they see our
name tags and speak very slowely.. They are so nice! We also had this
awesome sister that had just arrived that day from Washington. She is
half brazilian and half american! She´s fluent in Portuguese, english
and spanish! She did a lot of translating for us! The rest of the day
we just looked around and eat dinner at the CTM Pizza every Wednesday!
Tender mercy! Ha. Classes the rest of the day! Thursday: It was a
normal day of 630 wake up call, breakfast and everyday we get a 45
minute exercise time (except sundays and wednesdays) We are only
allowed to play volleyball. WE CANNOT PLAY SOCCER.. PERIOD. I asked
around why and they said that Brazilians just go crazy with soccer.
They used to have soccer tournaments against stakes until someone died
becasue they got kicked in the head... I  heard that all Brazilian
missions aren´t allowed to play any soccer. So thats  good right?
Later that day we also tought one of out investigators `´Jennifer´´!
She´s so amazing. She has questions about the priesthood, so we are
teaching her and preparing her for baptism! FRIDAY! We taught my
favorite person Luciano. He´s also an instructor. He´s very difficult
because he doesn´t open up to us. He doenst really loves us. My
companion and I are trying to figuere out how we can get him to open
up to us and especially feel the love of that God has for him. here in
the CTM we are encouraged to TEACH PEOPLE NOT LESSONS. Which is
amazing! They also encourage us to invite to baptism the first lesson.
I was suprise how alot of my district go really like Thats too soon,
or etc.. But Its important that we invite people to come unto Christ
and be baptized by someone holding the authority of God and follow
him! So our job is to invite people to FOLLOW HIM. SATURDAY.. It
rained a TON! I thought we had loud thunderstorms in Kansas.. NO WAY.
It was a great day full of Portuguese and teaching. My brain is
definitely fried at the end of the day.. Portuguese,English and
Spanish. AH! But It is soo good! We also taught and amazing lesson
with Jennifer! I saw the gift of tongues work with my companion as she
opened her mouth and was filled with portuguese! and the spirit of
truth! Jennifer in still on date for baptism! WOO! SUNDAYS ARE MY
FAVORITE.. We had stake conference! Some stake leaders came to speak
to us! We got to sing a musical number! It was amazing! Then that
night the mission presidents from the Sao Paulo North mission came to
talk to us! They are soo young! They are like early 50´s and are from
bountiful! I loved them!! Monday! we had the opportunity to watche
Richard G scotts funeral! In portuguese! It was amazing! I can´t wait
to see what happens with General Conference this weekend! It´s going
to be soo good! I love this gospel! Seeing temple square was kind of
awee I miss Utah.. I miss america! BUT I LOVE BRAZIL. Tuesday We had
the opportunity to teach three lessons! One of them was recorded so we
can watch it later. We also saw a devotional that richard G Scott gave
to the missionaries a year ago in the provo MTC. We had a district
meeting and it was interesting! I love my district! They are
definitely strengthning my faith! This week has been incredible! I
can´t don´t have words t describe! I feel heavenly fathers hand in
EVERY SECOND OF MY LIFE. Every sencond. I have no doubt he is my
father! He is your father! he loves you and you are made in his image!
I´m beginning to understand that I´m so incapeable of doing this on my
own..Everyday i remember Christ..that HE did this..He was the BEST
MISSIOANRY IN THE WORLD. Being here is hard, but I know he know why
I´m here! The atonement is REAL!(: I invite everyone to watch
Conference this weeekend! It´s on LDS.ORG!(: Christ lives! This is HIS
work and HIS CHURCH.. I´m so IMPERFECT, but it is through his
atonement that I can bring people in Brazil to him! This friday we get
to go out and procilite with our instructors! we each have to give out
3 book of mormons! PRay for me and my companion Sister Brown! I LOVE