Tuesday, November 17, 2015


Hello everyone! I have so much to say and so little time! This week has been intense! These last 2 weeks my companion and I have been trying to seek out the elect! We are working with such amazing young people! First Daniel! He´s so awesome! He is 15 and lives with his Dad and step mom! We met him at an amazing member´s house. Irmã Elia! She has 4 kids and they´re all members andwere baptized February of this year! He´s so awesome and super receptive in all that we taught him. He accepted to come to church with us and I thought to my self WOW.. no questions, no complains that church is early, no hesistant to be baptzed, when Sunday came he didn´t show:( It was definitely heart breaking. Sister Elias daughters went and tried to find him, but he went out. We visted with him later that evening and he said his Dad called him to go shopping. We testified that when we choose to make good choices like going to church, there will always be opposition! We are also teaching this family!!! They are amazing Christans! There names are mom Jisleni and daughters, Maria Clara and Lara. They are SOO AMAZING! The whole time we were teaching the restoration they´re eyes were filled with light.They all excepted to read and pray about the Book Of Mormon.We are also teaching an amazing women named Claudia! I think i mentioned her last week! She wants to change so much, but doesn´t know where to start my companion and I are going to visit her this today and share word of wisdom and Faith in Christ! 
These last two week have been intense to get people to church. I´m definitely trying my best to testify to them that Sunday´s are a special day we show God we love him by going to church! Sorry this email is soo short, i promise to write more next week! Just know that Christ lives! That this is his work and I´m trying my best to be diligent in seeking out the people that are ready to hear the gospel! A miracle that i saw this week was when all the people i talked to couldn´t understand my portuguese, finally at the end of the day i was going to give up and stop talking and let my comp do the talking when two different people told me they could understand me PERFECTLY. I know the gift of tongues is real and the Lord works though weak! MIRACLE! Pray for Daniel and my recent conver Rosa!

Thanks for the prayers! I love you all!

love Sister Trejo 

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