Monday, November 23, 2015

Chuva Chuva Chuva!!!

Hello Everyone!!!!!!! How is everyone? Enjoying the wonderful cold weather? Something I get asked a lot is if I have ever seen snow, and i´m like YES.. Have you? Then I think.. It never snows in Brazil.:(..Tornado drill in November as well?! I hope everyone is fine!! This week has been a great great week! We had four days of straight POURING RAIN. It was a tender mercy! This week we have found tons of great amazing people! It was one of these days that My companion and I were walking trying to find a person´s address we had contacted when we looked up and saw that the clouds were getting intense. My companion stopped and asked a woman that was standing outside her house for some direction. We also asked if we could share a message with her. She excepted and let us in her house! We were talking and getting to know her and her family. Her name is Aparecida and her daughter Bruna and her grandma Vera. While we were talking not 10 after we came in her house it poured and thundered soo hard! We knew Heavenly Father was definitely looking out for us. Bruna also accepted to come to church with us! So that was way awesome! We also have been teaching a boy named Daniel, I think i mentioned him last week, but he´s so awesome! He´s like golden! He´s praying and reading and has a date for baptism! Except he didn´t come to church this Sunday because his step mom was sick in the hospital:( and he was with her the whole weekend. When we told him his date had to be moved to the 12 of December instead of the 7 he was like ``NO WAY´´ I´m getting baptized the 7th.. uhh.. Daniel! Love him! We are also teaching this amazing lady named Jislene! She´s so great, seriously! We found her as a refferal from her mother who we were teaching. She´s reading and praying and says she loves what she reads! We got up early Sunday to go to her house to walk with her to church and she had left a note that said her daughter was sick in a near by town and had to go to her:( Our hearts dropped because Jislene seriously is awesome! But we understood! 
Sunday we also had a family home evening in a Recent Converts house and was awesome! My companion and I taught and I was a little nervous speaking Portuguese in front of soo many natives, but it went really well AND we got a new investigator named Regani! 
Funny things that happened this week was also that people asked me if I was from JAPAN?:!?!?!!?!?!?!!?!?!? Haha So strange.
I love this work, and I love the people of Ubá! They are seriously amazing! I´m grateful for everything that I learn with them! I know that this is Christs work! and everything i´m doing here is for Christ. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving week! and I invite all of you to COUNT your blessings!(:


Sister Trejo 

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