Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Dia De Finados!

Hello everyone! So this week I can´t even describe! It´s been a great week of work and miracles! I hope everyone had a great Halloween! I didn´t miss it as much that I thought I was going to! SO that´s great! This week we´ve been working hard to find the elect! For example Shinily! She is a 43 year old women that we´ve been workung with she had 3 sons and lives with her boyfriend. She lives on top of a BIG hill. When I know that we are visiting her that day, I don´t eat much.haha but seriously. She´s super kind and reads what we leave her, but she doesn´t come to church! It´s so sad. She had a son that is 9 years old! (reminds me of my primary class!) He´s name is Wallace , we we´re reading one day out of the book of Mormon and I notuced that he kept looking at me as I read, He finally wispered to his mom and then Shinily asked..My son wants to know why you read weird..haha Then i told him I was from the USA. and he asked tons of question about Halloween..haha He´s so sweet. Shinily is an amaazing person and I hope that my companion and I can help her to see the importance of coming to church and getting married, because right now she doesn´t want to get married. So prayers for her! We are also teaching a Sister of a Sister in the ward! Her name is Iliani! I LOVE HER! She´s super kind and sweet. She also lives on a big hill. When we went to her house we sat down and started to get to know her, she talked about how she has been a little down an depressed. We asked her why, but she couldn´t eally describe. She is also living with her boyfriend which is like 10 years older than her. We taught her that we have a loving Heavenly Father and that He loves us and knows us better than we know ourselves. We talked about Christ and how because of his sufferings in the Garden he knows how to help us! I felt like through out the lesson she was filling a little better, but then she would just kind of fall back and forth. I knew there wasn something she wasn´t telling us, but I kept praying she would feel the spirit. We invited to come to church and to pray about the things we taught her. This week we also were walking looking for an address and we ran into a lady named Claudia! She invited us in and then she told us she had already been taught by missionaries! She said they got transferred and no one ever came back! WE ARE HERE..(: We taught her the restoration and asked her if she would pray about these things. She then expressed how intense her life is, but that she knows that God does listen to her prayers. She expressed that things don´t always go right, but that God does listen. My eyes started to water because I DO KNOW God listens to our prayers, we testified that he doens´t just listen, but he answers.She´s on date for the 15! We also taught this amazing girl name VAnessa! She´s 15 years old and lives with her mom only. she said she doesn´t go to church ever, we taught her the restoration and she´s also on date for the 15! 
FInally Sunday came and my companion and I woke up at 630 got ready left our house at 735 to walk with Vanessa our super elect investigator and she wans´t home. I have to say I experience my first missionary heartbreak. We walked a total of an hour to find and bring her to church. My heart definitely dropped. We got to church and we had plan and invited 10 people to church and NO ONE was there.. the whole sacrament meeting I sat and pondered what we had done wrong and what we could do to be better and do better things..I felt comferted that my companion did all that WE could do and ut´s up to people to exercise their agency and choose to come. FINALLY! The readon that we had pday today and not yesterday was because yesterday was DIA DE FINADOS! Day of the dead! Our mission president said we had to be at the cemetary from 8am-6pm! Let´s say that we talk to everyone and anyone about the plan of salvation!!!! It was great! My companion was a little ansy because she doesn´t like cemetaries. But everything was great! The cemitaries here are interesting..look them up online! But A really amazing expirience was that we were searching for the elect inbetween these tombs and saw a lady and her saughter sitting my a grave. We went and sat next to them and started talking.. we approached people kind of like Hello! How are you? Who is this your visiting?They Then would say.. and then we would say We have a special message that because Christ ressurected we will too! This life is not the end. This lady said she was visiting her son, her 19 year old son that had died 9 days ago. She explained he was sick. My companion started sharing the gospel and talking about the plan of salvation. The lasy wasn´t crying or anything her daughter was. I thought to myself..I can´t imagine was she feels..or what my mom would feel..I started to feel maybe just maybe a glimpse of what she feels, but i couldnt. My eyes watered and my heat filled with the spirit I opened my mouth in the most broken portuguese EVER! and testified that We absolutely do not undestand how she feels, I dont speak portugues very well but I know that this message that we share is true Christ knows how you feel, he loves you and your family and your son. You will see him again. I know. We then sang her a hymn I knw my redeemer lives. 
This week has been a great one. Everytime i feel like i might be understading portuguese or feel like im close to being fluent. I make a street contact and i´m inturrupted by someone and they say  your not brazilian where are you from? I´ve gotten that i´m from Hawaii, Peru, Bolivia, someone asked me if i´m president Obama´s daughter?!?!!?!?!?!?!!?!? Haha..I definitely understand more than I speak.. I pray so hard before we teach someone that somehow they will feel the spirit through my portuguese.
That´s all I have for time for..Just know that there are amazing SAINTS here in Brazil. I love Ubá, it´s perfect for me! Pray for Iliani and Shinily, Claudi and Vanessa! Thank you for your prayers and love an support! Have a great week!

Com todo meu amor e coração,

Sister Trejo

A couple of pictures! thus little girls is a members! her name is Laura! reminds me of my cousins! Some mountain/hills! THE MOON! just outside my bedroom window!

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