Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Week 5

HELLO everyone!! I hope that you all had a great week! Sorry for the short email last week! P-day´s are always crazy here in the CTM! Well.. GUESS WHAT? It´s my last week here!!!! Wow! how time flies by soo quick! I just wanted to take the time to say how much I think about each and every single one of you that are in this email list. For example those that are helping or have helped me get here. Everyday i´m reminded why I´m here. Also, everyday i´m reminded that I´m not here for ME.. or for YOU.. (no offense) But I´m here for CHRIST because he is REAL, HE DOES LIE, he does change lives. Last Wednesday we got to go to them Campinas Temple! It´s one and half hours away from the CTM! It was gorgeous!! It reminded me alot of the Timp Temple! The celestial room was AMAZING and had a little bit of light purple in the windows! It was a tender mercy to attend the
temple! After that we emailed and got to go outside and look around ALOT. It was great!  Thursdays we teach our investigators which are actually instructors and people that work here in the CTM! We plan out lessons, work on the language and study for them! The CTM also has something called TALL.. and it´s a program made by the church to help missionaries everywhere with their language! It´s super amazing! You all are probably wondering how my Portuguese is! It´s going well!! I feel super insecure because I feel like i´m talking Spanish alot of the times, but alot of people tell me i´m speaking Portuguese not Spanish! So it makes me fell better! I can definitely understand everything everyone says to me, and sometimes I want to talk as fast as them and so that´s when i throw in my spanish. I´ve definitely seen the gift of tongues though! Friday marked ONE MONTH SINCE I´VE BEEN HERE! It was SOO GREAT! I´m not going to lie, I was missing home a bit that day. I was reading the Book Of Mormon that morning when I sense of peace came to me and let me know that I´m where i´m suppose to be! and that the Book of Mormon was a TRUE book written by people that had Faith in Jesus Christ! It was a sweet tender Mercy. SUNDAY: I love Sundays period! Each week we have to write a talk for sacrament! because we never know who´s speaking until they announce it over the pulpit! Since it´s our last 2 Sundays a lot of people from our district got called up! It was amazing! because our district know more Portuguese than they think! We also had an AMAZING GOSPEL DOCTRINE class with the President!  This week we´ve been talking alot about FAITH. TONS AND TONS OF FAITH! I think that was the most powerful
discussion I´ve been too! Discussion/class. We talk about Faith is the essence to EVERYTHING. Faith is things which are HOPED for which are TRUE. Usually this meeting is an open question/ answer meeting where
all the missionaries can participate! It was amazing! because I know that I´m here to STRENGTHEN peoples faith. Not faith in our church, but faith in THE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST. We must hope and believe that
Christ was a REAL person. That HE know YOU. When you are having a bad day, stub you toe, or loose someone important in your life. He´s felt that. He´s been there and back! Everyday I´m reminded why i´m here in
Brazil. This is DEFINITELY NOT A VACATION.. Cold showers, 20 minutes to get ready for the day, 8 hours of sleep..I´m here because Christ has helped me..Christ lives and the gospel of truth and happiness is
restored back on earth! The Book of Mormon testifies of that! In 5 days i leave to Juiz de Fora! My companion and I are the only one flying everyone else is driving to their mission..I´m so excited, but
I will definitely miss and treasure ALL the wonderful people that have taught me how to be like Christ. I don´t know when I´ll email again! Just know that I love you!! Thank you for the prayers and love! I can
feel them everyday! I invite you all to strengthen you faith on Christ this week! My faith in The book of Mormon was strengthen in how it can make any sad person happy! Com Muirto amor, Sister Trejo

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