Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Week 4

Hello everyone!!!!!!! Sorry this weeks email will be short! but I just
wanted to share a couple of my experiences! Friday we had the
opportunity to go out in the real world and procylite! It was really
amazing! I saw the girt of tongues work in my life!! My companion and
I gave out 4 books of Mormon! It was hard becasuse the CTM took us to
a plaza were alot of people were shopping so you kind of had to be
like HEY! we have a message of happiness and truth! We met this
amazing coupld from Porto Alegre and he was Buddhist! They were
amazing! They were not intesrested, but we just testified that we have
seen the fruits of the gospel in our lives and we invites others to
come and see for themselves! Conference was alao this weekend!! Let me
tell you! EXSACTLY WHAT I NEEDED! I know that this is Christ´s
restored gospel! this is CHRIST CHURCH here on Earth! The people that
were called were called by God!!!!!! Time´s up! But i love everyone!
thank you for your prayers!!! GOD LIVES AND ANSWERS OUR PRAYERS!!!!!!
(Kneel in prayer if you doubt who you are- Rosemary Wixom) Muito amor
Sister Trejo

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