Monday, October 26, 2015

Week of miracles!

WOW! Words literaly cannot describe how I feel right now. This week was amazing! I didn´t have a Pday last week, So i´m sorry for those emails not replied..But know I love you all and I can feel your prayers! Monday of last week we had a long day of training! We got our itinarary and it was sad to say see you later to all of our district. My companion..Sister Brown..She´s so amazing and is an example of faith and courage! Tuesday we woke up at 430 and got ready and headed out! My companion left before I did and She left in a van full of missionaries going to her mission! I left in a bus with only 5 missionaries going to my mission. There was a Sister names Sister Pereira that was with me and helped me along the airport and everything with my luggage and with Portuguese. We flew out around 830 and got to Juiz de Fora at 945am! Juiz de Fora is amazing! It looks just like Utah! Kind of.. there are tons of mountains and hills! The mission President and his wife and the AP´s were waiting for us! By this time I was so in shocked that I had finally left the CTM, and I was actually meeting my mission President!!!!! We drove 30 minutes to the mission home from the airport. We drove in a van through felt like the amazon. Haha seriously. It was soo great! We go there and started orientation. We did tons of orientation we had lunch at their home which is gorgeous, I went up my first hill. Let´s just say there are TONS of hills here. That night we spent with tons of sisters! There was 12 sisters sleeping in one apartment! Three of us were from the USA, and the two that were from the states had brazilian accent! Ah! Okay.. SO on Wednesday we found out who are companions were! mine is Sister Trindade! She is from Brasilia a state in Brazil! SHE IS AMAZING AND I´M BLESSED to have her! She´s 29! She´s so great! and my area is a city calleld Ubá!!!!! Wednesday we spent most of the day traveling to our city which was 3 hours away from Juiz de Fora! Ubá is pretty big; There are six missionaries serving here us and 4 elders. That night when we got here we dropped out stuff off in our apartment and headed to a Sister house name Rosa. She is a investigator that was preparing to be baptized! She has been investigating for along time and finally excepted baptism! She quit drinking and smoking. She is amazing.. I don´t have much time..but let´s just say here in Ubá they don´t have much we walked 45 minutes to a pool were she was baptized!! and then 45 minutes back! Rosa has SOOO MUCH FAITH!!!SO much. The saints here in Brazil have SO MUCH FAITH. They have so little physically, but there faith is strong like a rock.. They are willing to give SOO much of what they do have. This week I have defnitely been showen how to WORK HARD, how to forget about MY needs and just keep going. We walk everywhere up hills and in the amazing hot weather(: But I love it! Thursday of this week was a little intense for me, It was blazing hot and then 30 minutes later it started hailing and we ahd forgotten our umbrellas at home. I definitely used the atonement and I just smiled and kept walking.(: I know there are elect here in Ubá, everyday I see it, I see miracles. I´ve been here a week and I feel so much love for these people! I love Rosa and her faith, I love the my trainer, SHE IS WONDERFUL,and I love my savior Jesus Christ that reminds me we are not alone in this work! 
I invite everyone to pray this week for more gratitude and love! 

Thank you for all the prayers and love! My pday is next Tuesday! (: Have a great week!

Com tudo meu amore e meu coração
Sister Trejo

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