Tuesday, December 22, 2015


Hello everyone! I hope everyone is enjoying winter vacation and hot chocolate! I was talking to my companion how I NEVER thought that I would be spending Christmas in 104 degree weather with sweat dripping out of every inch of my body. Now that I painted that nice image..haha Just kidding.Seriously though I rather be in this weather than in Idaho right now!(:
I wanted to share a special message or thought that I´ve been thiking about lately,especially with it being Christmas. This week has been a good week! It was full of a lot of events that lead to growth and learning. We have an investigator name Nivea! She´s soo great! She´s about 43 and has 3 kids.She´sbeen invistigating the chutch for 3 months and is waiting to get married and then baptized in January! One of Her kids is 15 and his name is Vitor. He has been giving her a hard time and feels like he´s getting worse and worse. She feeds us regurlarly like a MEMBER every Friday and we are noticing that she is getting depressed. So this morning I decided to study and this week about Christ and the Hope he gives us. In Preach my gospelit says Hope is a lasting belief that something good is going to happen. Hope is that we have hope and know that We are children of our Heavenly Father and through Christ and his sacrifice we can be cleansed and start over. Hope is that we can hope for a better life. I´m so excited to share this with her! Because we may not control what happens around us, or our spouse or Children or anything, but we do control have control over us. We cannot be discourage by life´s trial or difficulties. We must face them with faith and HOPE. Like stated in the Book of Mormon with the HOPE of one day we will rest from all our afflictions..(ALma 40)
Everyone, I know Christ lives! That he was born over two mellenia ago! That he established his church with a Prophet, his 12 apostles and authority of God. I know that because Christ was born that we have HOPE for a better life and Christ can make more out of our lives and life that we can! I hope and pray that we can all pray this week to be a little more grateful for a loving Heavenly Father that sent his son for us.

I love you alll! Thank you for the prayers and emails! MERRRY CHRISTMAS!

love love,

Sister Trejo

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