Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Merry Christmas!

Hello everyone!!! I hope everyone had a great Christmas! I hope everyone was with their family driking hot chocolate remembering Christ´s birth! 
This week was sooo GREAT! It was definitely a week that I won´t forget or a Christmas I won´t forget! On Tuesday we traveled to Juiz de Fora for a mission Christmas Conference! It was soo great! ( I´m actually in Juiz de Fora right now for splits with the STL´s and tomorrow we have Zone Conference) Juiz de fora it about two and a half hours away from Ubá not that far! We take a lovely bus!(; It was soo great to see everyone from the mission even though I hardly don´t know anyone! It was fun! We heard a lot of different speakers! I loved a certain speaker that talk a lot abou Recuing the members based of a talk that Thomas S Monson gave. It got me thinking of the role we as missionaries have in re-activating, but what a HUGE rule members also have maybe even more bigger than we as missionaries. I loved it! Every recent convert needs a calling, a friend in the gospel and to be nourished by the good word.
This week we saw so many miracles! One being talking with out families! I love my family and it was soo weird and strange and great! i felt like I never left! It felt like I was in the same room as them! I didn´t cry! and that was a big miracle! I know my purpose here on the mission and I know that this time is SHORT and preciouse!
I love this family and I hpe to tell you more about them next week! I know that this family was prepared by The Lord to receive the gospel! I know that it was nothing that I said or my companion said, but the spirit of God that touched them. They are serioulsy so strong and I can´t wait to see them grow in the gospel! Their baptism was perfect!(:
I hope that with the new year we can all reflect on what we can do better this year and our goals on what we would like to change! I love the counsel of President Dieter F Uchtdorf that the best time to plan a tree was 20 years ago! Change starts now! Change starts within us and our willingness to grow and  become the Sons and Daughters we are meant to be! I hope this eyar we can choose to change something or a habit we want to chang or gain!  I know God is our father and he loves us! He will help us reach our full potential and our goals! I know and I testify of that!! Have a great week everyone! Thank you for the prayers and love!

Love love,

Sister Trejo

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