Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Week 3

Hello! My beloved family and friends! I hope your week has been
wonderful! Can you believe it´s October tomorrow?! Where did the time
fly? There is this boy in my district (group) that wore a Christmas
tie yesteryday! That played music!! It was hilarious. This week has
been full of awesone uplifting experiences! Last Wednesday after
emailing, The sisters in my district and My companion went out again
to explore! We went to go buy stampss and run some errands! We went to
the post office and i guess they don´t sell them individually you have
to bring the item you are sending or in my case letter:( We then went
to a bakery! So in the CTM i feel like i understand a good amount of
portuguese, then i get put in situations like this and im like uhh..
People here in Brazil speak like 90mph. It is crazy! But they see our
name tags and speak very slowely.. They are so nice! We also had this
awesome sister that had just arrived that day from Washington. She is
half brazilian and half american! She´s fluent in Portuguese, english
and spanish! She did a lot of translating for us! The rest of the day
we just looked around and eat dinner at the CTM Pizza every Wednesday!
Tender mercy! Ha. Classes the rest of the day! Thursday: It was a
normal day of 630 wake up call, breakfast and everyday we get a 45
minute exercise time (except sundays and wednesdays) We are only
allowed to play volleyball. WE CANNOT PLAY SOCCER.. PERIOD. I asked
around why and they said that Brazilians just go crazy with soccer.
They used to have soccer tournaments against stakes until someone died
becasue they got kicked in the head... I  heard that all Brazilian
missions aren´t allowed to play any soccer. So thats  good right?
Later that day we also tought one of out investigators `´Jennifer´´!
She´s so amazing. She has questions about the priesthood, so we are
teaching her and preparing her for baptism! FRIDAY! We taught my
favorite person Luciano. He´s also an instructor. He´s very difficult
because he doesn´t open up to us. He doenst really loves us. My
companion and I are trying to figuere out how we can get him to open
up to us and especially feel the love of that God has for him. here in
the CTM we are encouraged to TEACH PEOPLE NOT LESSONS. Which is
amazing! They also encourage us to invite to baptism the first lesson.
I was suprise how alot of my district go really like Thats too soon,
or etc.. But Its important that we invite people to come unto Christ
and be baptized by someone holding the authority of God and follow
him! So our job is to invite people to FOLLOW HIM. SATURDAY.. It
rained a TON! I thought we had loud thunderstorms in Kansas.. NO WAY.
It was a great day full of Portuguese and teaching. My brain is
definitely fried at the end of the day.. Portuguese,English and
Spanish. AH! But It is soo good! We also taught and amazing lesson
with Jennifer! I saw the gift of tongues work with my companion as she
opened her mouth and was filled with portuguese! and the spirit of
truth! Jennifer in still on date for baptism! WOO! SUNDAYS ARE MY
FAVORITE.. We had stake conference! Some stake leaders came to speak
to us! We got to sing a musical number! It was amazing! Then that
night the mission presidents from the Sao Paulo North mission came to
talk to us! They are soo young! They are like early 50´s and are from
bountiful! I loved them!! Monday! we had the opportunity to watche
Richard G scotts funeral! In portuguese! It was amazing! I can´t wait
to see what happens with General Conference this weekend! It´s going
to be soo good! I love this gospel! Seeing temple square was kind of
awee I miss Utah.. I miss america! BUT I LOVE BRAZIL. Tuesday We had
the opportunity to teach three lessons! One of them was recorded so we
can watch it later. We also saw a devotional that richard G Scott gave
to the missionaries a year ago in the provo MTC. We had a district
meeting and it was interesting! I love my district! They are
definitely strengthning my faith! This week has been incredible! I
can´t don´t have words t describe! I feel heavenly fathers hand in
EVERY SECOND OF MY LIFE. Every sencond. I have no doubt he is my
father! He is your father! he loves you and you are made in his image!
I´m beginning to understand that I´m so incapeable of doing this on my
own..Everyday i remember Christ..that HE did this..He was the BEST
MISSIOANRY IN THE WORLD. Being here is hard, but I know he know why
I´m here! The atonement is REAL!(: I invite everyone to watch
Conference this weeekend! It´s on LDS.ORG!(: Christ lives! This is HIS
work and HIS CHURCH.. I´m so IMPERFECT, but it is through his
atonement that I can bring people in Brazil to him! This friday we get
to go out and procilite with our instructors! we each have to give out
3 book of mormons! PRay for me and my companion Sister Brown! I LOVE

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