Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Week 2 MTC

Hello everyone!!! I love you all! Thank you so much for the prayers and the emails! I wish i had time to reply to every single one of them! Because I love them all! I feel your love!
I thought I would give a little of my weeks update! Starting with last Wednesday! (PS. Here in Brazil they do not use Monday tuesday wednesday.. They us Seguna Feira, Tercer Feira..etc They use Sabado, Domingo for the weekends. The rest of the days are 123456)
Wednesdays: PDAY! We wake up at 540 and eat breakfast and head to the temple! We got to the Sao Paulo Temple! Its about a 30 minute drive! Its beautiful and I love it! The endowment session is in Portuguese but if we have enough people that speak english the whole session is in english. So for today and last Wednesday we have had it in English. Im excited to when we can do it in Portuguese. After the temple we come back and eat lunch, email and then we can GO OUTSIDE AND EXPLORE. The permeters are measured so we are only allowed to go 3 block out and we cant go any further. It reminds me a lot of mexico, minus the Spanish! Last wednesday we went to a cookie shop and just looked around. They have a mini sketchy Deseret Brazil thats the size of like.... a.. its just super small. We then have until 5 to eat dinner and prepare to teach our Intvestigators which are members, but yes! Lights out at 1030!
Thurday: Everyday we get up at 630, eat breakfast, Study portuguese. Eat lunch, study portuguese, Have dinner, Study portuguese. Portuguese is coming good! I dont know if I told you but In my room I sleep with 2 Brazilians and my companion! The brazilians are only here for TWO WEEKS! Its really sad because I LOVE THE BRAZILIANS! Its truly amazing how TRUE THE GOSPEL IS. There are saints here, spreading the gospel as much as anybody in the world(; Theyre names are sister Braz from Brazil and Sister Ayala from Paraguay.
FrIday: The same schedule.. We study portuguese and PMG in portuguese! I feel like i definitely understand more that I speak. My roomates HELP ALOT. Ive come to find out its really hard to write portuguese because of my spanish. Its super discouraging because i feel like as well as Me and my whole district we just want to be FLUENT already. but PATIENCE is playing a big big part!
SUNDAYS: ARE MY FAVORITE!!!! WE have church in portuguese, relief Society in English and sunday school is always given by the CTM President Swensen. HE IS AMAZINGH and IS CALLED BY GOD. We always have devotionals at night and we sing. ALL the songs we have sung have been amazing. I feel the spirit and I know my purpose.
 WE also had a district testimony meeting because WE NEED IT. The sisters are definitely more mature than the elders, but Hey.. Thats whats the mission is for. For them to GROW and learn how to be adults.
Monday: Same routine! I loe Portuguese. I love the way that The Prophet of God said I was going to learn portuguese SO I AM GOING TO LEARN PORTUGUESE. I feel like im retaining more and more.We SAID GOODBYE TO OUR BRAZILIAN ROOMATES! They are off to their mission. It was reallly hard not to cry and I didnt! Because I know That they are doing a great work!!!
Tuesday: I LOVE MY INTRUSTUCTORS. They are amazing! I LEARN A TON of Portuguese. They said that We know more portugues here being here 2 weeks than a 4 week missionary in the Provo MTC. WE have devotinals on tuesday as well! and I LOVE THEM! WE talked about how ``we cant be deciples of Christ without wanting to walk where he walked, or did what he did, WE MUST NOT LOOK BACK.. OR QUIT´` I love that.
Wednesday! WE went to the temple this morning! It was ofcourse amazing! We went to Sao Paulo. now emailing and we are going to go out into Sao Paulo in a couple of minutes!
I just want to bare my testimony that this IS CHRIST WORK and HIS CHURCH here on earth! I know by the power of the holy ghost that he LIVES. Jospeh Smith was A Prophet and the Atonement is real! Eu nao Faulo muito bom portuguese, mas sei que ele Meu possou ajudar! I invite you all to pray to feel his love and his WILL for you personally. I know God is our father and he does care and listen to us!
Muito Amor,
Sister Trejo

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