Friday, September 18, 2015

Arrival Email

BRAZIL! Im here! I cant believe it. its still a little shocked.. it so unreal that im a MISSIONARY..especially in BRAZIL. Im so happy to be here though! I love it soo much!

Im so happy that i had some long flights because i had the opportunity to share the gospel A TON. It was awesome! I met a lady in the airport her name was Ann she was from North Carolina.. I loved her. She said her grandparents grew up in Provo so she knew a lot about the church. We had breakfast in the Dallas airport and I invited her to watch the Because he lives video. She was a good christian women and I love her! I had a 5 hour layover in Dallas and so it was interesting. I was so exhausted form the last three night of straight packing. Thank you Marisabel, Brieanna, Sister Anderson.. I owe you a big one. From Dallas I flew to ATLANTA.. I sat with the sweetest 13 year old her name was Sinai.. She was sweet. She told me she was coming home from her aunts funeral. I told her that I knew shw as going to see her grandma again and shared with her the because he lives card. Her mom wsas sitting behind us and I was a little nervous because I was scared that she would be like what are you teaching my daughter.. haha but she was nice.. the mom´s name was Lisa. After that flight (which I mostly slept) Lisa and her daughter Sinai helped me find my gate to my flight to Sao Paulo. We went everywhere in that airport. THEY WERE SO KIND. I can´t believe how awesome they were to show me around. I got to my flight 2 hours early so I ate Panda Express for my last time and sat next to this lady mid 30´s. She told me she was a military wife, so she´s lived in a lot of places. We just had a good conversation about life and work. While she was leaving I gave her a card as well. I went towards my gate after and found six other missionaries heading to the MTC with me! I was soo happy to see them and to see that i wan´t going to be alone! Time went by and when it was time to board theyre was like 25 of us. SOO COOL!
We flew in a big big BIG.. Maybe int was big beacuse im from Kansas...? We had NINE HOUR FLIGHT.. It was tough but good!! 
Before we ran out of time I´m in a TRIO my companions names are Sister Brown and Sister Ayala! Sister Brown, She´s originally from Castle Rock Colorado! She´s super KIND and i love her! My other companion is from PARAGUAY.. she speaks spanish and Portuguese and another language. She´s super cute(: 
So.. I´m just taking it all in and trying to soak it all in. I´m using the atonement a lot already! I feel like i´m definitely feeling out of my comfort zone.. I´m getting a littgle jumbled on my spanish english and portuguese. with my companions only one speaks english only and then the other one form paraguay speaks spanish.. so i´m in a trio trying to translate and its crazy but i love it! 

the church is true! God loves us! and the atonement is working in my life already! I dont know when my pday is.. but i´ll talk to you soon! 

love love love
Sister Trejo

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