Friday, September 18, 2015


WOW! THE MTC.I LOVE IT. or in Brazil the CTM! I feel like i´m being humbled to my KNEES! WOWOWOWWOWOWO! I MEAN I LOVE THE MTC! So first of all just adjusting to EVERYTHING..Everything is different, but a good different! The food
is GOOD, it´s what i wast expecting so thats good! We have rice and beans everyday. We have fruit which consist of pineapple, and apples and mangos! Which i love. We have meat everyday. Lunch is definitely the biggest part of the meal! seriously though I love
the MTC Ive learned soo much these last short days that ive been here! There are about 4 girls in my room which i love! One being my companion sister Brown! The other companion from paraguay ended up getting a companion so we are not in a trio anymore which is good!  because it was hard translating, but i love them.Portuguese to be humble is coming along good! I mean  im not fluent, but i can understand everything they are saying. Even if i speak slurr spanish they still understand! I feel like im going to have more of a
challenge spelling it than speaking it! SOO my distric is AWESOME! theyre all from different parts of the US.. Minessota, colorado, ohio and texas..(: all our elders are 18 which is SUPER weird. Bu they are all GREAT PEOPLE and i just love my disctric. Something that i find is
hard is that we are ALL on DIFFERENT levels of maturity and  portuguese. I have two other sisters in my district and they are all 19. I´m the only spanish speaker which is hard because I understnad  more than the class and i feel bad when im the only one anwering all
the questions in class and everyone is just like uhhh... I feel like we ALL WANT TO KNOW PORTUGUESE like NOW.. but we forgot that we have only  been here ONE WEEK and we are human. My favorite part is that I have the spirit with me at ALL TIMES! Its the best! We also get to go to the Sao Paulo temple EVERY WEEK! We went today and the session usually is in portuguese, but because there was soo many natives it was in english.. It was awesome! I still dont feel like im in Brazil.. Its super super awesome, but i cant believe im not in kansas and i cant believe im a missionary! AH!  I love it! Everyone jokes that We are not in Kansas anymore.. or dorthy haha I think its been a tough week for my companion.. shes 19..she went to byu for a year and was born in topeka only born. But any who.. I think shes a little homesick and culture shock and the language is hard for her becuase.. The mission president put it this way.. PORTUGUESE IS NOT EASY..Its GOING TO BE HARD..One of my favorite things he said is that
we were called by a PROPHET OF GOD and he said you WILL LEARN PORTUGUESE.. so you i know what that means.. YOU WILL LEARN PORTUGUESE.. AHH.. it was powerful! I love it! Ive just been learning that  Jesus Christ is there the atonement can help us. When i miss
home or miss something i just try not to think about it and focuse on portuguese! 
My mission president of he mtc said it and it was
funny haha People can pray in any language they want and heavenly
father will hear them, but he will answer back in portuguese..James E

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