Sunday, December 4, 2016


How is everyone doing? How is your families? How is work? How is home? I´m sorry for the last four months i´ve been a horrible pen pal to all of you. I want you all to know that I´ve never stopped praying for all those who pray for me, but especially to those who pray for ALL the missionaries around the world. I know that this is a wide world work. I know that this is Christ church. It´s been such a blessing and truly a MIRACLE to be here serving in he most beautiful country. It´s been a privalege to represent the Saviors living church here on earth.
The last few months I´ve been in Varginha, Minas Gerais. It´s a city also known for an ET that landed here 20 years ago. It´s a city known for it´s coffee (woo!). It´s been fun teaching people that Heavenly Father´s health code doesn´t allow coffee in our system. The weather here is really, calm. It´s starting to get hot because of summerI´ve been served here with two different sisters. Sister Khayonnara and Sister Amaral. Which I´ve loved. They taught me so much love, patience and perseverance. I love being able to talk to different people each and every single day. I love being able to see everyone´s different culture, life experience, and way of life. I love being able to talk about Jesus Christ, The prince of Peace, the Savior Redeemer of the world. I know HE lives. I know Hw is the son of God. I know that He KNOWS each and everysingle one of us personally. I know He can comfort, heal, save. I know He is wonderful. We can talk about Him all day. I know it is NEVER ENOUGH.
These past few months we´ve been able to teach Mauricio, a common man in his fifties. He lives with his 5 children. We found him talking to people on the street. We talked to one of his sons that gave us his address. We went and his children weren´t too interested, but Mauricio was! He was looking for a better life, a new beginning. He had been smoking and drinking for 30 years. He said he wanted to stop, of course WE CAN HELP! After making plans, goals, going to church praying, reading The Book of Mormon.He was able to see that smoking and drinking was never going to bring him happiness. Mauricio went from 20 cigarrets a day to 3..he stayed at 3 for 2 weeks and couldn´t stop. My companion and I were so desperate to help him stop, we fasted and prayed. Mauricio one day up to his baptism was able to stop! It was seriously the most amazing MIRACLE EVER. I was so impressed, I was astonished.
That experience made me think, how grateful I am that I never started smoking, drinking, doing drugs. I saw Mauricio struggle have set backs. BUT I KNOW the Savior did all of the work to help comepletly STOP. I know it´s nothing I said, or did. It was truly a desire of him. I know that is what Christ suffered for so that we all mankind can have FAITH that we can DO ALL THINGS (philli´p 4:13) throught Christ, that we can have a change of Heart and REPENT of all the things that pull us away from Christ (Act2:37) and be cleansed to by water(John3:5) for the remissions of our sins. I know that those are the steps that we must take to be closer to God and to enter the kingdom of Heaven. I know that Christ died for us so we can do those things ordenances and be free from sin.
Brothers and Sisters, friends, family,
I´m grateful for a loving Father in Heaven. I have no doubt He loves YOU. I have no doubt that he hears an answers our prayers. I have no doubt that Christ establised a perfect church. I have no doubt that His church had a living prophet. twelve apostles and aouthority of God. I know that those things were lost and through time a lot of people moved, reformed, changed Christ perfect church. I know that through Joseph Smith´s prayer Christ church was restored once again here on earth. His true living church is here to bless us and give us that life eternal that we all want. I know that The Book of Mormon is proof of that. I know that The Book of Mormon testifies of Christ and His divine mission here on earth. I invite everyone here that has never read it to read, ponder in your hearts and ask God if the Book if of Him. I know that by the power of the holy ghost that He WILL ASNWER  YOU. He answers me EVERYDAY. I can feel is love as I read. I´m so grateful to be a missionary. I´m grateful for each and everysingle one of you. I´m grateful for your prayers. I´m grateful to have met the church six years agol. I´m grateful for his mercy, His atonement, His love.

I love you each and every single one of you! Thank you so much for your support and love! Thank you for your prayers. Thank you for your letters! You all are always in my prayers!
I love you, most importantly HE LOVES YOU!
Sister Trejo

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