Monday, August 1, 2016

Hello everyone! How is everyone doing? How is everyone enjoying summer? I hope you all are! I´m definitely enjoying some winter here(: It got down to 14 degrees celcios yesterday. It definitely was felt here.
There are just a couple of miracles I would love to share with all of you first of all, a couple of weeks ago we we´re contacting a list of some people that lived around us and my companion and I were a little discourage seeing not alot of these people were interested. We kept walking and being positive when we knocked on a certain door and found a man named Marcos, Marco´s was little suprised to see us and asked us how we knew where he lived. We told him we had list and he said that his mother was a member of the church and she happened to be there that week because his wife was getting surgery. We went in and met his mother Olinda a convert of 7 years! We are currently teaching his family! They are so sweet and kind, they even fed us lunch today on Pday! How blessed we are to had been guided to them.
I´m so grateful that Heavenly Father knows us. He knows his Children and He will lead us to those that are ready to hear and accept the gospel.(:
As we always have a prayer in our heart he will always answer us!
Thank you soo much for all your prayers and loving emails!
I love you all!
I testify that this is Christ´s work!

love love,
Sister Trejo
fourth of july

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