Tuesday, October 11, 2016


 I can´t believe it´s been a year and a month..It´s been the most amazing experience being out here. You have a whole set of looks for everything around you. As a member, missionary. sister and leader. I have so much respect for every calling every member accepts(:
This week was a little difficult, i´m having a little trouble understanding our leaders, especially our district leader. I feel so overwhelmed with some of the tactics and things he says, I feel like he doesn´t uplift and i told president about it. I know everything will be okay. I just think Elders and Sisters have a different way of looking at things and it´s little frustrating.
I´m studying patience and humility in preach my gospel..(: We did have some amazing experiences though this week! but first!

HOW WAS CONFERENCE?! Have you read any talks yet? I need that Liahonna! It was really sad, but really happy to think this was my last conference here in the mission. I know that there is truly a different air when you are a missionary! Did you see the emphasis in missionary work?! HOLY COW..these are the last days for sure!(:

I loved all the emphasis on missionary work, holy cow. It was so amazing to see everyone talk about sharing the gospel. I know with all my heart there is only a special spirit about missionary work that can only be felt by doing...missionary work! For example this week we went to visit a less active. We knocked and he said he was feeling a little sick so we shared with him a quick message and we were about ot leave when he said..i think i know someone that would like a prayer. We went to two of his neighbors houses and at the end of those to visits he said..I don´t feel sick anymore. I think maybe I just needed to go out.

It was such a testimony builder to me that heavenly Father truly does bless those that are willing for a little bit leave their nets, sheep and go find those who maybe not be lost, but in the wrong road.
Another neat experience was that yesterday we went to pick up a family for church and there was about six brothers and sisters we were going to pick up. No one answered the door, except the father. We asked him for his children and he said they all went to another church, I was confident and knew that we couldn´t go to church alone so we invited him to go! Mauricio the Dad, said he would love to! He took a shower and went with us!(: MIRACLE!!!!!!! We put him on date and he loved church!

I know it´s nothing that I did, but this is truly the Lord´s work! I´ve been a little overwhelmed with some of the leaders here in the mission worrying os much about numbers and statistics..I feel like Pres Nelson said..we are here for love, we baptize for love out of Christ and our brothers and sisters. I understand there is a perfect balance.

I know everything will be okay, I know this is the Lord´s work! If there are failures, they are failures of men..for we will not condemn God. 

I´m grateful to be here I love the mission so much!  how blessed you will be if you follow the council of the prophet and share the gospel of joy and truth!(:


have an amazing week of miracles!

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