Sunday, October 23, 2016

Quick update

Sorry for not writing a whole lot lately! I will be better for sure this up coming weeks! I love being a missionary. I love being member of Christ restored church! Some things i´m learning is just to love what´s going on around you. 
For example, if it´s raining, snowing, you lost your job, etc.. 
Just love. This week Sister Khayonnara took a huge rain pour usually I would be worried about my things getting wet, my hair, my watch..etc. We walked happily home in the pouring rain. ( we forgot an umbrella) I loved it!
 A big miracle we saw this week was that we are teaching a man named Mauricio! He is so amazing! he´s 55 and smokes a TONS! We started teaching him Tuesday were he said he smoked about 40 cigarrates daily through out the week we made plans for him to stop Saturday we visited him and said he went from 18,3 to ZERO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was incredible! He´s so excited for his baptism! We are praying he can stay strong! It showed me that there are literally people out there ready to change their lives, they just need in invatation, We are the ones who invite and love them into the gospel of Jesus Christ!(:

i love the gospel! I know it´s the only one that heals and reedems, that uplifts when we are in our lows(:

I love Brazil, i love being a missionary!

thank you for your love and prayers!!

loove you!
have a great week full of happiness and joy!

sister Trejo

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