Monday, January 2, 2017


this is a neighborhood called vila americana and all the streets are the name of countries in the north and south american continents. pretty cool. i also love brasilian grafitti, it always makes me think. without the fight there is not vitory is written on one of the walls. 

bairro vila americana, saindo com isabella que acabou de voltar da missão em curitiba 

Sister O´reilly and i had an interesting pday today! We went to the shopping just too look around! We found this restauarant with mini pizzas for less than  a dollar! WO!(:

Advent ures with Sister O´reilly..I´m really loving her! She´s sweet!

In some of the pictures she made me run..on new years eve..It was so good!!

WE are loving working in Volta!

Sister Trejo

This week was  very good!(: It was definitely a little weird. Sister O´reilly got here last week. SHE´S AMAZING, I love her. She´s from Coneticut and has been out 14 months, she´s right behind me! She´s amazing!

Saying goodbye to Sister Su´a was a little her!

cat food that The Kuhlmann´s sent to me..haha I gave it to a kitten at a members house haha..

LAST NEW YEARS PICTURE..taken 1025 before I went to bed.. ha..

I love the gospel, I´m grateful for an opportunity Heavenly Father gave me to serve him a full year(:

I love the gospel!

Sister Trejo

our ward mission leader (LMA) super awesome, they gave us churrasco no pday  more lights of the city.

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