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Sooooo..This week has been emotionally crazy. My companion and I were both transfered being companions and opening a new area. Petrópolis is located on top of MILLION MOUNTAINS and is a very cool, chilly area in the mission. My companion is Sister Oliveira..and I don´t know how to say this, but she is also ending the mission with me..this transfer..WE have no idea what president is thinking, but we saw so many miracles this week together.
Petrópolis is known for the turism part of Rio and so tons of people come from all over the world. I met a Canadian, people from Rodonia Brasil and Pará..etc tons of people all over the world.(:

Here are some quick pictures we snapped during the week.

This is sister Maxwell and Sister Khell that were here in Petrópolis. They were transfered out and Sister Oliveira and I came!
ELDER GARCIA..from MEXICO!! I forgot where he is from exsactly, but I´ll ask him!

Sister Trejo

Hello everyone!!!

I love each and everysingle one of you. As you may know by now..I´m in Petrópolis! It´s one of the moutain area in the mission. Everyone loves it here because there is a breeze that comes through here that there is none other. I left Volta Redonda with my heart full of trusting The Lord knew why we were suppose to come here. Sister Oliveira and I. We are opening a new area and..we are closing as well. Sister Oliveira goes home with me.
We don´t understand completely, but as this week we´ve worked to know the members and find, teach and reactivate everyone that we had in the areabook we are confident that there is a reason we are here. It´s been such a great week, full of miracles. We´ve been able to find so many people and members with just a map and the spirit to lead us! We found a sweet lady anmed Ana Paula with EIGHT children..we taught them..they are excited to go to church. We were just teaching everyone that we find and working our hearts out! We still have TONS of time left.

I´m grateful for the gospel of Jesus Christ, I´m grateful for the miracles he preformed while here on earth and taught us as we trust and have FAITH in Him he can truly heal and help us in time of need.

This ward is full of amazing members that are ready to work with us in the Lord´s vineyard. WE are soo excited to help the ward out! FUN FACT! The bishop is american from Washington!!!! He served here 50 years ago and got married here..lives here almos half of his life. HE is cool..Bishop Richard..Eweing.

I love each and everysingle one of you!

Jacob 5:20-23 ( I love the part were the Lord tell his servant he shouldn´t give advice to the Lord) We may always just do what He asks and trust!

love love!!


WE had dinner at the bishops and he made mexican food for us..from things he brought from the USA..like tapatio! Petropolis is also full of stairs that never end..and hills that i can go up on my four.......

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