Monday, March 28, 2016


Happy easter! Everyone! Thank you soo much for the prayers and letters! This week I recieved tons of them! Thank you Sister Provost for the CD. Thank you so much! So this week was definitely one to remember! On Tuesday we went to a neighboring city called Petropolis for a zone conference with the mission president. On the way my companion started to get a fever of 101! We couldn´t go back because the conference was mandatory so we stayed in Petropolis with my companion litteraly sick. I felt so sad for her. On the way back our mission president drove my companion and I back to TrĂªs Rios, It was so nice of him! ( I love the bus, but i love the car way better!) We went to the doctor the next day and she had a type os Zica or Dengue which is the same thing. She stayed home all week. Luckly we have some awesome Sisters serving with us and we had the opportunity to do splits with them! I got to go out with Sister Pammy from Para, Brasil and SISTER SUA from Missouri! It was really fun to see how others sisters work! It was really fun going out with an American such as my self! Sister Sua and I didn´t get lost or confused not even once! Literally the gift of tongues is real! My companion got well enough to go to church on Sunday for easter! I am so grateful for the members here! They took good care of my companion and I. Our refrigirator is full of food for days! On sunday tons of the members brought friends to church! It was truly a miracle! later that day I went out with some of the members while my companion stayed home with other members! I got to see how each and every single one of us make a special part of being hands and intruments of Jesus Christ! This easter was definitely one to remember! With loving members serving one another and trying to be better people! I know that that is what Christ would want of us. I know that we can show lvoe for his sacrifice as we do the things he would do!

I love my savior! I love the restored gospel! I love the way we gt to here from his living prophets! See them live and!(:

Thank you for th prayers and love Have an amazing week!(:



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