Thursday, March 10, 2016

Tres Rios

Hello everyone! Thank you soo much for the emails and the love! How is everyone?!? HAPPY LEAP YEAR! This is so weird! I don´t remember the last time we had a leap year? A
THIS WEEK WAS WONDERFUL! I am definitely not in Ubá or Kansas anymore! haha Everyone here is so great! People in this side of Brasil speak a little more definitely than where I was.. Kind of if we go to Georgia. People h ave an accent muito forte..a stong accent. but it´s soo great! My companion is Sister Prado! She´s from Curitiba! She´s 20 and soo wonderful! She´s been out the same amount of time as me! We didn´t arrive together in the CTM because she´s brasilian and I´m not:( But we go home together..Weird, but anyway! Três Rios is City home to two wards! Ward Três Rios and Ward Vila Isabel. There was one companionship of Sisters serving in each ward up until this transfers when president added two more! So now we have 4 sisters in each ward! Next month Três Rios becomes a stake! Do you know what that means? We need to work hard!(: The Lord sent 8 of us here and it´s soo good and soo different! Coming from Ubá where there was only 2 sisters and now 8. It´s soo good though we have TONS OF WORK to do! The members here are absolutly amazing! I´m soo excited to work with them and build Zion up! This week we mostly got to know the area with my companion Sister Prado..So we were in a companionship of 4 so we could all get to know the´s was a bit intense, but soo good! We also had a BAPTISM this Saturday! Luis Octavio!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HE IS WONDERFUL! And definitely was prepared by the Lord. Luis was introduced to the church by his friend three years ago! his friend gave him a Book of Mormon and told him to read and pray about it! That God is the only one that can tell him wether the book id true or not! Luis Octavio in the moment had been throught tons of churches and was currently buddhist! He put the book of Mormon aside and many times he was cleaning and saw it and didn´t have the courage to throw it away..unitl a month ago he was cleaning again and found the book..He read the introduction and read Moroni 10:3-5 where the book itself invites all men to read it and ponder in their hearts and ask God if it´s true! He prayed and read and felt in his heart that it was true! He looked online where the nearest church was and he came to church on Sunday! (The friend that gave him the Book of Mormon lived in another city called Teresopolis 11/2 from Três Rios.) He´s soo amazing! He loves the church already..He went to and bought doctrine and covenants and tons of church things and his wall paper for his phone is ANGEL MORONI..and do I need to say more?!! He is just ELECT! I´m so happy to have just been, but a testimony that God does hear and answers our prayers! I know The Book Of Mormon is the word of God and it is truly how we can come closer to God. God loves us SOO much he sent ANOTHER testament of JEsus Christ so we can know how to better follow him and be more like him!
I´m soo happy to be here! I the people here I love the gospel! it´s true!(:
I hope each of us can share this week something that has truly brought you the most happiness!

love love love

Sister Trejo

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