Monday, March 28, 2016

March 14th, 2016

Thank you soo much for you support and love. Thank you for the letters! Thank you so much for the package. My companion and I loved the peanut butter and candy! 
The mission is the best place on earth! There are literally miracles everyday. Tender mercies that show us God does know each and every single one of us! That his hand is there. One of the experiences that I would like to share would have to be from my first are Ubà my first baptism Rosa!  She is an 65 year old women that lives in humble condicions. The missionaries taught her a couple years ago and then she suddenly moved neighborhoods and the sisters found her again! Rosa stopped drinking and smoking three months before the sisters found her and she had been cleaned since! They day of ther baptism my companion and I walked with Rosa to her baptism we walked 1 hour to her baptism where it was preformed and walked back another hour. Rosa can hardly walk to one side of her house to the other..I have no Idea how she walked TWO hours. Not many members have cars here so there was no option of taking a ride. Rosa amazed me as she willingly walked that what seemed long walk under the sun. It made me think if I a convert would have had the faith to walk that to and from my own baptism.
That same are we taught a mother and daughter Jaquelene and Thais! They are locals that have lived in Ubà all their lives. Thais the daughter is 25 she loves to dance and sing. We found her knocking doors and so lovingly except to hear our message! As we taught her and her mom she began to READ and PRAY..she felt that what she was reading was true and her and her mom decided to be baptized! There was so many opossions before they could be baptized like always when we decide to follow Christ.The day before her baptismal inteverview her old boyfriend came to her and wanted contact her..she BRAVELY said no.The day of her baptism the baptismal clothes were no where to be found..someone had locked the door where they have been kept and the person with the keys had left town on vacation.. Thais and Jaquelene so fulled of cheer and excitement for her baptism cheerlfully excepted baptism the next week! That lesson soo hit me so hard in my chest that we as humans are weak and failures. BUT God´s elects are God´s elects and  NOTHING will stop the work from moving forward!
Lastly this week! We planned a family home evening at a members house and inveted 3 investigators. We talked to each of them and went to there house hours before.When we showed up to the fhe they weren´t there..We waited 30 minutes and felt soo sad because we had just talked to them. Our hearts were so sad..we had also made PANCAKES..with maple syrup for them (everyone here is crazy for american food) The Mom of the family suggested we invite her neighbors..`she said Sister Trejo lets go outside and find some inverstigators we are in Brasil and I said okay`..We went outside and some neighborhood kids were sitting outside talking and we said HELLO! Do you want to eat some pancakes? They said yes! We asaid okay we are going to have a short message first. They agreed. Those three teenagers ended up being ELECT! The Dad of the family ended up sharing and aamazing message about easter and how through Christ we can be clean! The oldest Jonathan that´s 19 asked HOW CAN I BE CLEAN?! We said throught faith in Christ, Repenting and being baptized! Jonathan is excited to go to church with us. He couldn´t this last sunday because he works, but this sunday he´s coming! He´s so excited to learn about christ!

My heart is filled with joy, I know without a doubt that this is Christ´s perfect gospel. I know that He lives and he is the head of the church. I know that HEavenly father loves and trust us enough to let us help him in the work of Salvation. I know that each and every single one us can do our part in this MARVALOUS work. It doesn´t matter who we are, or what we did, but who we are willing to be with the help of Christ and the atonement!

Today is my 6 year anniversary! Of being a member! How I am forever grateful for those members that have helped me become the young women I am today. I know i´d be nothing with my loving Heavenly father, My SAvior Jesus Christ and my second family the Garden City ward. May the Lord pour out blessings upon each and everysingle one of you. May we as members also extend our hands to our brothers and sisters that are entering into the fold, may we recieve the with love!

Is my humble prayer in the name of Jesus Christ amen.

Sister Trejo

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