Monday, February 22, 2016


HELLO EVERYONE!!! How is everyone doing? Thank you soo much for the emails and the love and prayers! Garden City ward, I got your package..Thank you , thank you thank you sooo much! I honestly loved each and everysingle one of the things that was in there.Thank you so much! 
The weather here is hot(: It´s summer here and I love it! We changed time zones this weekend so we got to sleep in an extra hour, That was a tender mercy. These last few weeks Sister Paz and I have been working on finding tons of people that want to change their lives and hear the message of the restored gospel! This week was an amazing week! We found TONS and TONS of people that I know God prepared for us! For example Ilda! Ilda is an 73 year old women that we found walking down the street! She is soo sweet and loves the gospel! She came to church with us Sunday and is excited for her baptism! We also ran into family while we were looking for an address! Their names are Luis and Eva and they have 4 children! They are soo great! Luis and Eva aren´t married, but they have such a strong desire to get married! They came to church with us this Sunday and loved it! They said they definitely coming next Sunday!
These last couple of weeks here have been amazing! I can´t believe six weeks have flown by SOO fast! My companion and I recieved a call this morning and we are BOTH getting transferred. My heart is torn into pieces,BUT I KNOW PRESIDENT knows what he´s doing. Ubá will only be for elders now. I´m getting transferred to Três Rios in Rio de Janeiro! I´ll be close to the olympics and they are filming a soap opra there too! I´m excited to share the gospel with them! I´ve learned soo much these last few weeks. I love the gospel of Jesus Christ! I know it is restored once again here on earth, I know the proof of that is The book of Mormon. For it is truly the word of god! I promise to all thos who have doubts, fears, questions that are unanwered, read The book of Mormon it was written for our day by prophets of God to help us and guide us!
I know this is the Lord´s kingdom here on earth and our families can be happy as we seek to follow God´s prophets!

I love you all thank you for the love and prayers! Until next week!

Sister Trejo

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