Monday, April 18, 2016


Hello everyone!!! Holy cow, this week was AMAZING!!!!!! Sister Tamblay and I are sweating(: THis week was definitely a week of amazing things! I don´t have tons of time, sorry! but An amazing experience I would like to share was that we are teaching two boys! Pedro Enrique 13 and Rian 12! We´ve been teaching them for about two weeks and are excited! They both live with their grandma and their grandma is fine with us teaching them, but when it came to ask her about baptism she said we would have to talk to their parents. Their parents are divorced. We decided to talk to their mom first since she lives in Tres Rios and their dad lives in another town next to us. There was a member Betty who said that she knew their mom and wasn´t a very nice person. My companion and I were super super nervouse to talkt to her, but we knew we had too! We fasted Saturday into Friday so we know what we could say to her! Sunday night Betty went with us to visit her and it was a mircle because she said YES! She said she´s noticed they´ve been a little rebelish and wanted them to change and she even agreed to go to church with them every sunday!(: I know that Heavenly father truly did touch her heart and did soften it! What a miracle! WE are soo excited to keep helping this wonderful family!!

I hope that makes sense my english is getting worser and worser everyday! 

I love you all soo much! I hope each of us and pray and fast and recieve answers from HEavenly father!!

love love


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