Monday, April 11, 2016

The best week ever!

HELLO FAMILY and FRIENDS!!! I can´t believe another week has gone by! Today is a little in a hurry because the internet is down, but no worries! All is wonderful! This week I recieved my new missionary companion! I can´t tell you how nervous I was! I was trusting in the Lord the whole time I traveled to Juiz de Fora! I ran into my own trainer Sister Trindade!!!!!!! She´s is wonderful! She was transfered to Juiz de Fora! She´s my new STL..Sister training leader! So I´ll see her once more!! Tuesday night we all sleeped in Juiz de Fora and it was unreal because I felt like I had just been there being trained my self! Not so long ago! My new companion is from Santiago Chile!!!(: She´s 19 and the SWEETEST person I´ve ever met! She´s so calm and quiet. She speaks perfect spanish(: and Portugues! She´s trying so hard to forget her spanish It´s hard to forget your native language!
I prayed a tons this week! It´s like starting fresh! I get to re learn alot of things I learend in the beginning! We are doing so great though! Sister Tamblay and I are preparing a boy named Pedro Enrique for baptism the 24! he´s a members nephew and he´s soo solid and excited! He´s little shy, but he´s 13! what to expect! We are also teaching a little girl name Maria eduarda that´s 8! She comes to church with her neighbors who are super active! We are teaching her and working with her family! Her mom´s name is Andrea and she loves us, but is a little skeptical about letting Maria be baptized. we are praying and fasting that her mom´s heart can be softend!(: Today we have a huge family home evening planned that a 4 investigators are coming! We are so excited! We hope that they can feel the spirit during our message and our sincerity of helping their families be more united and happy! We are teaching some really amazing peeople!(: and this week is going to be amazing no doubts about it!(: I´m sorry i don´t have tons of time, but know that I love this gospel, I love being apart of Christ church! I know there is no greater joy than this. I know Christ´s church is here on earth with all the ordinances and principals we need to live a happy faithful life! I hope we can all hep one another with our journey and we can continue to share the gospel in small simple ways!!

Thank you so much for the prayers and love! I love you all so much!!

Have an amazing week!

Sister Trejo

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