Friday, April 29, 2016

Traveling Traveling Traveling!

Hello friends and family! This week has been amazing! This week my companion and I got the opportunity to go to Juiz de Fora and we with our district did one of our mission president´s last interviews before he goes home in June! I can´t believe it! Even mission president´s deserve a break! It was so amazing to talk to President Cascardi! He´s definitely a man of great knowledge and dicisipline. His favorite words are repent..and be obedient! LOVE HIM We had the opportunity to do divisão? (I can´t translate that in my brain right now) We went out with the Sister training leaders and it was soo great! I had to do splits with my mom!(: My mission mom! It was soo great.  I felt like i was starting my mission all over..with the knowledge I recieved. This week was amazing! One of the miracles we saw there was so many, but yesterday a member offered us a ride to an appointment and we said no thank you we rather walk (since it was after lunch we were SOO full) My companion and I were king of regretting not excepting a ride because it was a little hot, then we saw a man we had talked to the week before name Claudio! He said he had been reading the book of mormon his nephew has and wanted to come to church! We told him that that book WILL change his life and he comes to church and excepts to follow Christ by being baptized like he was! He immidietly said his life could definitely be alot better and excepted our help! IT WAS A MIRACLE. I know that Heavenly father sees our effort when we invite everyone to change! I love you soo much everyone thank you for your prayers!

Love sister trejo

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